Christian Louboutin‘s Third Barbie

Christian Louboutin‘s third Barbie collection is out! The limited-edition Anemone Barbie wore a satin chartreuse and purple gown with a bow. It also comes with four mini red-soled shoes. If you want to own this $150 fashionable doll, you can check

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Marc Jacobs in Time Magazine World's Most Influential People

marc jacobs
Marc Jacobs was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine. When I checked the Time Magazine's website, I was surprised by the story written by Victoria Beckham for her friend, Marc Jacobs. Victoria praised Marc Jacobs for the changes he had made with each of his collection. Marc Jacobs must be very proud because he is the only fashion designed that was included in the list.

Meanwhile, some artists and entertainers like Lady Gaga, Robert Pattinson, Sandra Bullock and Glee‘s Lea Michele were also featured on Time‘s list.

Click here to view the complete list.

Plus Size Evening Gown

Buy Cheap Plus Size Evening Gowns

plus-size-evening-gownPlus size evening gown should not be as hard to come by. Just because these are larger than usual, it does not mean that bigger sized women should have a difficult time getting one. And if there are plus size evening gowns, these shouldn't be limited. Women should also have a choice on which evening gown to get.

Now there are fine selections on them. An example is the one-piece full length gown. They can get a pattern that has a skirt which is attached to the underside of the blouse. Customers can also choose from the range of designs. They may also come in floral patterns or intricate lace designs. It's up to the taste of the woman. Sleeves and elbow length may also vary. The only similarity is that all these designs come in just one piece.

When choosing one that only come in single piece, one should check the bottom edge for loose threads. One must also skim the hips and see whether this is a perfect fit. More often than not, the plus size evening gowns can show the bulges of the woman wearing it. It might not be flattering for her, if that is the case. Another option is the two-piece style. These designs best come with a bolero jacket. These provide coverage for arms and shoulders - body parts that are quite sensitive for women.

A number of larger sized women prefer to cover these, therefore the need for boleros. In order to accentuate the beauty of the entire piece, the designs of the two-piece plus size evening gowns may have sequins in different patterns. There are also cuts and straps, depending on the woman's preference. These gowns are best worn with a strapless bra so that it wouldn't be bothersome to always check the bra strap, just in case it is showing.

They should also have zippers at the back. If that is how it is built, then it is easier for plus size women to get in and out the dress. If the designs of the evening gowns have visible zippers, then it comes with jackets (R L).

Plus Size Evening Gowns

Plus Size Evening Gowns

plus-size-evening-gownsAs you enter a store full of plus size evening gowns , you might feel disappointed. You may think they would not fit you, as you would be a little more than those dresses would provide. It is extremely difficult to for a woman to believe that her body is less than perfect. But once accepted, she tries to hide it, rather than making the best of what is available.

With the ever-growing trend in over-weight population, plus size clothing have emerged into the market. The clothing designers work hard to create a lot of variety and create specific features to plus size dresses. These kinds of dresses are also designed to provide a not-so-perfect figure look beautiful and shapely. It is just a matter of a play with colors, stripes and the shapes of the dresses that make one look fabulous. Whether in appropriate body or not, a woman has to keep herself with confidence and pride. It would make people think about how beautiful you are, rather than whether you are wearing a pretty clothes or not.

There are many things to avoid while selecting a evening gowns. A dress which has many layers of clothes, drapes, and frills are not for plus size women. The clothing must be the best fit. Loose clothing may make your body style fatter. The tent-like dresses and the stretchy polyester pants are now out of trend. Tight clothing would highlight the bulges and rolls that a woman does not want anyone to see. The tight clothes may reduce the figure, but it would not flatten the bulges.

Long gowns are preferred to short ones, as the short dresses gives an impression of being much shorter and, therefore, much wider than long ones. The vertical stripes create a better effect than horizontal stripes. On the whole, single colored clothing is recommended for plus size women. It makes one look taller as the eye travels with the color from head to toe. Clothing that come in bright colors must be avoided as they create an illusion of heaviness.

Then comes, accentuating the positives of the figure for the purpose of hiding the negative features. Look for longer gowns that highlight the shoulder, cleavage and neckline. Strapless tops or noodle straps would be an excellent idea. One can also go in for flowing fabric around the shoulders. Highlighting the smallest area of the waistline also makes one look slimmer. This field is just under the bust, where the stomach starts. A belt or a sash can be used to wrap around and get the waist look thinner (R J).

Evening Gowns

Bring Out Your Beauty in the Best Evening Gowns

evening-gownsEvening gowns are not confined to evening events. They are designed as the counterparts of suits and ties for the fair sex. For all the black tie occasions, the ladies are supposed to wear the evening gowns. It would be a little confusing and time consuming to choose a gown or dress for an evening event. If you are going out for shopping without having any idea about the whole affair, you would be lost in seas.

Understanding the nature of the event is exclusively important before selecting the evening gown. It would be better to pick a medium fitted dress if you are attending an event where you will most likely eat. You would not want to display unwanted fats and flubs at wrong places by wearing a dress that is too tight. The last thing you wanted to happen would be the tearing of the tight dress as you try to sit. In contrast if you are going for a loose evening gown, you would seem to be fat and shapeless. So the best option is to go for a medium fit gown that would bring out the elegance.

It is also important that you must know your body type and the cut of the gown that would highlight your figure. If you are in the 20s, you must already know which dress would best suit you. Go for an empire cut if you are having a small bust. A floor length dress would be perfect if you are not comfortable in showing off your legs. If you are bottom heavy, avoid mermaid cut and go for something which would glide over the lower body.

Yet another important point would be picking your gown that would go along well with your complexion. Pick a gown that would make you look lighter and slimmer. Do not forget to accessorize your evening gown properly. Wear comfortable and trendy shoes along with hair, wrist accessories. Remember to take an attractive clutch bag. For bringing out the fabulous look, make sure that your gown is in right style, right fit and right color (R E).

Good Evening Dresses

Buying Evening Dresses Should Not Be Expensive

good-evening-dressesYou have a formal event coming up: a cocktail, dinner, prom, wedding, ball, and you need an evening dress. Of course, you want to look your best and maybe, even be the center of attention. The solution is simple enough: shop for an evening dress. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of cash to spend and most of the fashion stores you know charge outrageous prices. So you're in a fix: how do you get a good evening dresses at a cheap price?

A large number of fashion stores do charge exorbitant prices for dresses and this could be as a result of several factors. The good news however, is that you don't have to rob a bank, or go into debt, to look good for your party. There are several places where you can purchase your evening dress cheaply, and without sacrificing quality and style. In fact, some of these are designer dresses, and are actually of a higher quality than other substantially more expensive items found in the average fashion store. This article will guide you on where and how to get a good evening dress cheaply.

The first place is at a discount store. Just like you have discount stores for other items, it's the same for dresses. Thus, you can get discount dresses at these numerous stores. The target of these stores is to sell a very large volume by giving up some profit margin per sale. Also, to ensure that prices are kept low, these stores even buy directly from manufacturers of evening dresses to be able to serve customers better (or cheaper in this case!). A lot of discount stores are available and a simple online search will reveal them.

The second way is to buy from wholesalers. The snag here however, is that they usually do not sell to individuals. But this could be turned to your advantage if you're enterprising. Get other people (friends, family, neighbors), that may be interested and you can all pool money and go on a fun trip shopping for evening dresses!

A third way is buy dresses on sale. Several stores have periods when they sell off their stock cheaply to make room for new ones. This is a good bargain because you can actually get a dress for half the original price or less (C C).

Perfect Evening Dresses

How to Choose an the Right Evening Dress and Accessories

perfect-evening-dressesIf you are in search of the perfect evening dresses, you need to consider your size, body type, and style. The trick is to find a dress that compliments you so that you can look great no matter how small or large you are. You need to determine your body shape: pear, hourglass, athletic, apple, or thin, and then base your search for an evening dress accordingly.

If you have a pear shaped body, your best bet is an a-line dress, as it will accentuate your top and cover your bottom. Make sure that the right areas will be enhanced, though, or the dress won't look flattering at all. Wear a v-shaped dress if you have an apple body shape. This type of evening dress is designed to draw attention to the bust area, just as long as you avoid long sleeves.

There are quite a few styles that look great on hourglass figures. A dress with a scooped neck line, for instance, will flatter your bust and make you appear taller. You can also go with a full-length gown with an accentuated waistline. Just don't go overboard with laces or ruffles, as they will hide your curves. You will want to enhance all your assets, not hide them!

If you have an athletic or boyish figure, your choice of evening dress should have details that will soften your shoulders and add to your bust line. The top part of the dress should have ruffles or lace, and the bottom should have a tulip shape. You could also get away with wearing an a-line dress if you are wider. Choose something with a lot of details such as flowers, polka dots, or other feminine designs.

Once you have an idea of what type of evening dress you need to get to flatter your body shape, you need to choose a color and design. They come in all colors and shades, and you need to choose something that looks great with your skin tone. You don't want to wear something too bold, but you don't want your look to be subdued, either. If the evening dress doesn't fit right, it will only make matters worse if you wear the wrong color (C C).

Glamorous Evening Dresses

Why the Need For a Glamorous Evening Dresses?

glamorous-evening-dressesLadies are well known to be very conscious with the dresses they wear especially if they are attending special events or gatherings. Actually wearing a glamorous evening dresses in attending events is really a must particularly if the event that they are attending means a lot to them. Glamorous dress or gown is really a must for women in very especial events in their lives. This explains the need of stylish and fashionable dresses for women.

Dresses can be very simple yet glamorous or can be very unique base on preferences of a woman who is wearing it. On the other hand designs and styles of these dresses should be based on the event or gatherings that you have to attend so you, as a woman can avoid gossips such as you are out of style, or you just wanted to flirt especially if the evening event or gatherings that you will attend cater various men with excellent status in life.

These dresses is a must, however, you have to be careful enough in considering the kind of event that you will attend in choosing the best dress that will suit you. This is to make sure that you will not make any worse scene in the gatherings that you will attend. As much as possible, you have to try your best being simple since it s one of the great secrets of staying beautiful in whatever gatherings or parties that you are attending.

Thus there are several stores out there that can provide you a variety of dresses, there are even several online stores that can also provide you a variety of dresses once you don't have quality time to scout for the dress that can fit you (J C).

Black Evening Dresses

For a Sophisticated and Elegant Look?

black-evening-dressesBlack evening dresses are very common since it can provide an elegant and sophisticated look to every woman. Once you are to attend a social party or events then a simple yet elegant looking evening dress can suit you very well. However, you don't need to be very vulgar to look sexy and glamorous, instead you should always keep in mind that being simple contributes a lot to you being beautiful and attractive in every event and gatherings that you will attend.

On the other hand, it can be a hard task especially for busy women to go to huge malls and scout for the dresses that can fit them. Its good thing there are online sites nowadays which can greatly provide them a variety of these dresses which can also suit them in attending any kinds of gatherings as well as in having a formal date with someone special to them. An elegant and sophisticated looks with a touch of simplicity is absolutely perfect especially on a very especial and memorable night like engagement parties, a date with someone you admire most and the like.

Stunning evening dresses can also suit almost all types of events as long as a woman can wear it perfectly. Of course, as long as you have made sure that the dress you are wearing perfectly fits your size and the style that are very appropriate on your size and your age. One great disadvantage of black dress is that it is quite not suitable for women that has dark complexion. However, it can fairly be suitable once mixed with a perfect light color that can greatly blend to the complexion of the woman whose wearing it (J C).

Christian Louboutin’s First Ad Campaign

Check out the following images that seem to be Christian Louboutin’s first ad campaign! You'll definitely love the red-soled shoes.



Plus Size Evening Dresses

Top Choices For Plus Size Evening Dresses

plus-size-evening-dressesOkay, so what if you are a full-figured woman? These days, it is no longer hard for you to shop for the dress that is only meant for you. There are already a growing number of fashion designers and boutiques that see the need of these clients. What you must be concerned about should be the types of plus size evening dresses. There are a lot of them, and you want to make sure that you can purchase the one that definitely suits you and your style.

Get inspired by the following:

Opt for those with optional jackets or boleros
If you are too conscious with your arms but you still love to get that strapless cocktail dress you have seen in the catalog, you can ask if there can be a bolero, jacket, or shawl that can go perfectly with it. If there is not, then you can just buy your preference separately. Usually, those that are made of cardigans are trendier and more modern to look at.

Show off those legs
You can still feel very sexy by showing off certain parts of your body such as your legs. Regardless of how big you are, there is a huge chance that your legs are still shapely, and they should be flaunted. You can wear those A-line skirts, which can hide your bigger thighs.

Settle for evening dresses that have the least embellishments
There are two reasons for this. If you are trying to look yourself very elegant, then it simply means that you should only have the most essential accessories with you. It could be a brooch, necklace, drop earrings, or a clutch. Second, having too many accents on your dress would definitely make you look a lot heavier. Thus, the dress it self, even with its nice cut, looks very unflattering on you.

See if you can wear a pantsuit
This is such a very versatile piece and truly great for those who consider themselves as plus size. It is very comfortable and smooth to the skin, follows the contours of your legs, and yet does not tighten up on your thighs. It can also go along with almost any kind of top--from halter to V-necks, and it can be paired with any design of vest of shawl.

Emphasize your bust with empire-cut dresses
Empire-cut dresses are also excellent if you want to hide certain body issues and enhance some parts. With its high-waist seam, you can create the illusion that you have thick waist and bigger busts. On the other hand, because the bottom portion is flowing, you can ultimately hide your big tummy. This is advisable for short plus-size women, since this style can make them appear taller and leaner (C P).

Evening Dress

Using the Internet For Your Purchase Tambah Gambar
evening-dressThere are several advantages to using the internet when shopping for your evening dress. These days, there's actually nothing that cannot be obtained using the internet and those not utilizing this are being left out.

Well, there are several reasons why you need an evening dresses but I can safely assume that your dress is primarily going to be worn for a party. Cocktails, prom, pageants, dinners, balls... these are just some of the parties that an evening dress can be worn to. Whatever the type of party however, the dress must definitely look befitting. Thus you cannot afford to select any type of evening dresses. The dresses you select must complement you in the best possible way.

There are several styles, patterns, and designs that evening dresses can be found. In fact they are so numerous that making a selection from the large options can be a task. The key to having a smooth purchase however, is by being prepared. Before I go into that, what are the benefits that you can derive from using the internet to make your purchase?

The first advantage is the ease that it affords you. Personally, this is a very welcome advantage for me. I really don't like leaving my home. I even have a home based business which allows me to work from home. By the way, this wasn't due to the economic recession! So with the internet, shopping for your evening dress is just a matter of clicks. You don't have to leave your home except you really want to.

Another advantage of using the internet to purchase evening dresses is that you are able to browse through a large number of categories and sites before making a decision. Without the internet, doing this will be severely hampered. How many shops ca you visit in a day? But with the internet, you are able to make ample comparisons before selecting your evening dress.

Usually, you are able to get better deals on your evening dress through the internet. There are several stores selling discount evening dresses, several sites selling evening dresses on sale, and other great deals. Such deals are more common and easier to come by online rather than offline (C C).

Cheap Evening Dresses

Get the Best For Your Budget

cheap-evening-dressesMany women have to attend evening functions quite a number of times in a month and for them cheap evening dresses are the best to go with. Cheap evening dresses can be found in a wide range of sizes, colors, styles, designs and cuts. There are a number of places you can get your evening outfit for cheap if you search carefully.

Cheap dresses do not mean that they will be of poor quality. You can even get designer pieces for cheap if you shop at the right time. When new stocks come in shop, they clear their old stock and most big stores have their items coming in every week or every fortnight. They will have to clear the remaining items at any cost and sometimes they offer even huge discounts on their dresses.

If you are in the shop at the right time, you will be able to take advantage of their sale. Cheap evening dresses can also be found online. There are a large number of websites that specialize in evening dresses for women. They also offer discounts and specials.

You obviously don't like to wear the same dress on two different occasions. Most women want to look unique and different in each special evening occasion they attend. Most of these women like to stay in budget and do their shopping so for each different event they are able to afford a new dress. Sometimes, when you get to some online store, you will see that they have items in bulk and also wholesale dresses. These dresses will come much cheaper than those you will buy individually. This is another way you can be unique at different occasions and get the best for your budget (R J).

Evening Dresses

Choosing an Evening Gown

evening-dressesEvening Dresses is a lady's dress drawn to a conventional affair. These dresses are often loose, long, flowing garments. Gowns are oftentimes made of a lavishness fabric such as satin, silk, velvet and chiffon. It fits to men's semi-formal wear for black-tie events.

A gown is (commonly) idle outer apparel from knee-to-full length worn by men and women in Europe. Later, gown was enforced to any woman's apparel comprising of an attached skirt and bodice.

Choosing An Evening Gown
Many of us construct faults while selecting gowns that's are too big or small and/or attempting to wear a fashion that may not be too blandishing and may also not suit our celebrity. There are a few basic rules of thumb which we can adopt while choosing our evening dresses.

The Gown Size
The vigorous of the gown are dressed in is very significant. Look out for the especial juncture evening gowns hats congratulate your figure shape. If you are bigger on the hip, prefer a gown which drapes in the region of you rather of flaring. If you are too heavy, select impressive that is movable all around or a fashion that gains at the hips can appear flattering too.

Color of the Evening Dresses
Homochromatic color format typically does work most excellent to slim and lengthen your body. Forever attempt to select an evening gown with a single color scheme consecutively throughout the length of it.
The Add-ons to match
Add a colorful scarf, if you desire the focal point of the evening to be your face, and if you would like to portray concentration to your slim waist, you can utilize a strap or a tie up hanging about the waist.

No outfit is furnishing lacking the right shoes. Pick a color that is in accord with the color of your evening gown (J S).

Maternity Bridesmaid Dress

Buying a Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Online

maternity-bridesmaid-dressesIf you are reading this article you are either a bride that has a bridesmaid that is now pregnant, and you're looking on getting a maternity bridesmaid dresses for her, or alternatively, you are a bridesmaid, and you're looking on how to choose a maternity bridesmaid dress online. Relax, in this article we will give you all the necessary information and tips to do just that.

Now, once you've gotten over the shock or the joy of your bridesmaid being pregnant. The next step is to make sure the date that the bridesmaid will still be able to participate in your wedding. And that if they do so that they have a comfortable and beautiful maternity bridesmaid dress to wear.

The next thing that you want to know is how close to the bridesmaid due date is to your wedding date? Will she still be able to participate comfortably. If it is really close to a due date? This is where you as a bride need to take a decision to either include or exclude her from the wedding. If you are going to exclude her from the wedding maybe you need to consider another role for her as you do not want to lose her entirely from the bridal party. This will ensure that you and your bridesmaid won't be at war with each other, and that you will come to an understanding.

Now, if you are considering that your bridesmaid is going to participate in the wedding. Then you need to look at getting her a maternity bridesmaid dress. Now make sure she fits into the dress and that it is within your style that you're looking for. There is no better place than to go online and get one of these maternity bridesmaid dresses.

If you're not sure that online for a dress or a bridesmaid's dress before relaxing is not as difficult as it sounds. And you are able to make sure that you get the right size dress with the right material and style that you want. Before going online to look for a bridesmaid dress. Make sure that you attach a budget towards this bridesmaid dress, as will make a lot easier for you to narrow down.

Next, you will have a look at, all the online bridal stores. Start by filtering out which one will meet your specific needs. By making sure they have an easy to understand returns policy. In case you need to send the maternity bridesmaid dress back. Make sure that you choose a reputable and reliable online bridal store. Make sure that they have been around for a number of years, and that they had a good positive feedback from previous customers that have bought from them.

The next thing you want to have a look at is the delivery time of the dress and do they provide tracking with the shipment of your bridesmaid dress. This is important as you are now able to track the parcel at all times. Also, you will know exactly when you can expect the bridesmaid dress to arrive (L J).

Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses

Things to Consider

cheap-bridesmaid-dressesIf you are looking for a cheap bridesmaid dresses, there are certain points that you need to consider while purchasing one. Finding cheap bridesmaid dresses is not a very tough task as there are a number of companies that make such dresses. However the possibility of minor flaws creeping into a dress cannot be denied.

Make sure that you check the fabric of the dress before you purchase it. Wedding dresses come in various types of fabric and a touch of your fingers can help you realize if the fabric is good enough. There are certain fabrics that are adulterated and fade out in a few days. Similarly make sure that you go in for a color that complements your skin texture well.

This may be a tough task and you might have trouble deciding. You can try these dresses at the stores and look in the mirror and choose the one that suits your skin color perfectly. When it comes to color and designs, you can find a large number of tips over the internet. These tips are helpful because they help you decide which kind of dress would suit you the most.

If you want to, you can also get a dress made by a tailor. The advantage of getting a dress made is that you can have it designed as you wish. Although this may cost you a little extra dough but then these dresses make you look all the more special on someone's wedding day.

Wedding day is the most important day in a person's life and it is always good if you look choose the best outfit for this special day. Various stores across the city put up cheap bridesmaid dresses for sale during the winters. These stores offer some fantastic deals on dresses (R J).

Bridesmaid Dresses

How to Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses?

bridesmaid-dressesPlanning a wedding is not an easy task. After the bridesmaid dresses chooses the perfect theme for her weddings, she will start to choose her own gown to fit in. Now, it is time to pick the dresses for those lucky girls who will wait on her hand and foot before, and then stand at her side while she pledges the rest of her life to someone.

So, how do you choose the perfect bridesmaid dress that fits to your maid of honor?

Choose the color correctly
There are two different ways that most people use in order to determine the color theme of them wedding! Color based on seasonal pattern or psychological association. You need to make up your mind in order to help you choose the right dresses for the girls.

In most cases, there will be more than 1 bridesmaid in the wedding, and it is critical to determine if you want them to dress uniformity or not. Nowadays, many women are choosing to allow their bridesmaids to pick their own dresses as long as it is the bride's chosen color, and with simple guidelines. So, this is really the choice up to you!

Choose the dress based on your gown's design
You should list out all the characteristics of your own dresses in order to setup some guidelines for bridesmaid dresses.
Outline the dresses clearly
You should provide some outlines of the bridesmaid dress such as:

a. Straps - spaghetti, bell, or full
b. Neckline - sweetheart, square, jewel
c. Waist - natural, basque, a-line
d. Hem - how long is the skirt? Floor, tea, or knee?

In fact - all these decisions will be based on the following: the time of the day of your wedding, the weather (summer or winter), and the style of your gown in order to further determine the style of the dresses.
Accents and Accessories
Lastly, you should consider if they will need to wear jewelry? If you do want them do wear it, you need to think clearly what kind of jewelry you think it will best suitable for your wedding. This is totally optional, and you can leave this decision to the bridesmaids (S T).

Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Classic and Contemporary Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

blue-bridesmaid-dressesNo big wedding is ever complete without an entourage. There are some of these occasions wherein there is the preference of having every member of the group to wear the same color to match the motif of the occasion. The most common choice is often blue bridesmaid dresses. The reason for this to be among the most popular color is simply because it is elegant and goes greatly with most other colors as a complement. It is a fact that blue is the most common and popular color to be paired with another color to make a theme for the special occasion.

There are some weddings where blue bridesmaid dresses can be worn in any particular style that the bridesmaid chooses. However, there are also some more organized weddings where the bride has already pre-selected the particular design and style that they would like their bridesmaids to wear. There are many designs that you can choose from. Some of these have been pre-made and are ready to wear and can be bought at any dress shop or boutique. There are also others that are specially made - these are more formally known as couture.

To be able to use blue bridesmaid dresses is to be able to emit the impression of elegance and grace. It gives a beautiful aura that would be able to complement and bring out a woman's natural glow. There are many shades of blue to choose from. Some of these are part of the classic collection such as royal blue, turquoise and navy blue. There are others that are gives a bit more chic to the shade such as sky blue, pastel blue and at times, metallic blue (S H).

Prada Spring 2011 RTW Collection

Prada Spring 2011 RTW Collection
Hip, energic and very chic, Prada's latest fashion show for the Spring/Summer 2011 season captured modern pop-art influences in structural shapes followed by urban, dramatic styles along with entertaining colors and chaotic prints. Check out next this extraordinary collection!

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Should You Wear a Yellow Bridesmaid Dress For a Wedding?

yellow-bridesmaid-dressesYellow reminds us all of bright and beautiful things. So, naturally it is one color that should be worn at weddings as a wedding is a bright and gay affair. So, what better color for an excited, yellow bridesmaid dresses waiting to see the bride start her new life?

Yellow is one favorite color at weddings. It is a safe color and can suit every type of age group or personality. It is also very appealing to the eyes and is a color that refreshes. Yellow is known to have a very soothing and calming effect and looks very smart when teamed with the right add-ons. Sometimes, bridesmaids may not be able to carry the color gold easily as it does not suit every personality. In such a situation, yellow is considered a boon as it is an easy substitute for gold and it creates a look as regal and dazzling as gold. Also, if the bride's dress is a pastel shade such as lilac or ivory, then a bridesmaid in yellow will simply create a marveling effect that will capture the attention of every person and make the wedding look as beautiful as a fairy tale.

Back in the 80's, people were not open to experimenting and stuck to the safe pink and whites during weddings. However, bridesmaids these days are considered to be the icing on the cake at weddings, so there has been a change in the color tones and yellow has emerged as the new pink. Yellow will suit just anyone from fair skinned bridesmaids to bridesmaids with dark skin and sharp features. It is a color of glossiness and sheen and if opted for the bridesmaids, then it is the perfect color. Yellow can be worn in various styles and in all lengths. While choosing yellow bridesmaids dresses, one also has the liberty to choose form various fabrics ranging from satin to Lycra as yellow is one color that manages to stand out in any fabric.

A bridesmaid holds flowers in her hands. So, she is spoilt of choices, even in flowers as she can choose from a wide variety of flowers since yellow dresses look great with any color of flowers. Also, the bridesmaid can wear accessories in any color from purple to green, as yellow beautifies just any color!

However, one drawback is that a blonde would not look so good in a yellow colored bridesmaid dress. But, if the blonde bridesmaid accessories well, the she can likely end up looking like the loveliest bridesmaid (S T).

Nicole Miller Dresses

Nicole Miller Dresses

nicole-miller-dressesNicole Miller Dresses is owned by an American fashion designer called Nicole Miller. This is a lady that likes to design dresses with just one color. Her dresses are gorgeous, stylish and appealing. They are made with high quality materials to depict the modern elegance of feminine hood. That is why popular celebrities (movie actresses and music artists) and others like wearing her clothes.

Nicole Miller manufacture a varieties of women's dresses. Some of them includes cocktail dress, long dresses, day dresses, and other types. The cocktail dresses are perfect for ladies that are going to evening parties or dinner. Her cocktail dresses are just above the knee. They are made from different materials, and they come in different colors. They are also designed in such as manner that it can fits most ladies foot wears. For those ladies that don't feel comfortable wearing any type of clothing that would reveal their legs (i.e. from their knees to their ankles), they can get her long dresses. These dresses have the look of a wedding gown. This is because it does a good job of covering the lady's ankle, and her shoes. For the working class women, they can get her day dresses. They would help them to look bright, and elegant at their workplace.

Nicole Miller doesn't only produces dresses, she produces work-out clothes. These are clothes that the ladies need to wear if they are going to the gym or engaging in any physical activity. These workout clothes are not just any clothes that are just put together. These clothes are well designed to bring out the beauty of the woman, as she is doing her physical activity (E I).

Alexander McQueen's Fall Winter Shoe Collection

Every shoe fanatics would fall in love with Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter shoe collection! Last season's dramatic 12 inch heeled Armadillo shoes have been replaced by stunning shoes that are more wearable. Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter shoe collection was inspired by "The Angels and Demons" and include shoes in leather and metallic finishes. You will also see wings, sky-high stilettos, twigs, flowers, feathers and leaves.

I bet these high heeled shoes will become a must-have item by the end of the summer. Alexander McQueen will be greatly missed by the fashion world.
alexander mcqueen,shoes,fall collectionalexander mcqueen,shoes,fall collection

alexander mcqueen,shoes,fall collectionalexander mcqueen,shoes,fall collection


Fergie Fashion Style For Elle May 2010

See Fergie's fashion style for Elle May 2010 issue!
Fergie Elle May 2010Fergie Elle May 2010
Stretch-satin Jean Paul Gaultier crepe dress,
Bulgari white gold and diamond serpentine bracelet

Fergie Elle May 2010
Bleached python Dior jacket
Lurex jersey Dior skirt
Dior belt

Fergie Elle May 2010
Crystal-embroidered sheer tulle dress with printed cotton collar and sleeves by Miu Miu
Polyamide and spandex swimsuit by Eres
Bulgari white gold and diamond serpentine bracelet


Julianne Moore’s Earth Day Kiehl’s Shoot

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Julianne Moore collaborated with Kiehl’s to create a limited-edition label of all-natural Açaí Damage-Protecting Tonic Mist. 100% of net sales will be donated to the Rainforest Alliance.

Check out Jeff Koons, Pharrell Williams and Malia Jones campaign shots that supports the Earth Day.



Plus Size Cocktail Dresses

How to Look and Feel Good Wearing Them

plus-size-cocktail-dressesThe best way to not enjoy a party is continuously being bothered by how you look. Especially for the large sized beauties, it is quite hard to look your best when you know for a fact that your stomach has been greeting others in advance before you rub elbows with them. Thank the fashion industry, there are now plus size cocktail dresses.

Making do without too much covers
Coats are the easiest solutions to unsightly bulges. However, you cannot go to a party and wear your coat all through the night. Unless you are attending a costume party where you can go in as a detective or something, you do not have the license to wear your trench coat beyond the door.

To discard your covers, wear something that would loosely flow around your body. There are plus size outfits that will not only make you look nice but will also make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. But, it does not mean you cannot layer. In fact, layering is advisable to hide that excess baggage. But be sure you layer at the right places else you might end up looking bigger.

Add more to your vertical leverage
Cocktail dresses go best with heels. Shorter people tend to look plumper. Balance your horizontal problems with vertical maximization. This is also the reason why when you would want to wear stripes, you are advised to go for the vertical ones. The lines would make you appear taller. I have noticed though that vertically striped clothes are not as abundant as the horizontal patterns.

Another advice to look taller and slimmer is for you to skip the huge prints. These large flowers, shapes and designs tend to direct the eyesight of the viewer to all directions, making the wearer look shorter but expansive. Needless to say, it would be best for you to go for short plus size dresses as these would elongate the legs, make you look taller and slimmer. If you have problems with cellulite clinging to your legs, go for stockings with dark color. Again, do not wear printed stockings.

Save the pizazz for accessorizing
It is advisable to wear simple, yet elegant attire. However, you can enhance it further with eye-catching accessories. A gray shift can be adorned by a red belt for example. You would also look stunning in the classic little black dress with a sole diamond necklace to adorn your neck.

As frills are best left out in a dress, you could add them back in chic ways. If you have a low-cut dress, you can glamorize your neck with satin laces. Be sure you have enough neck space to accommodate this otherwise your accessories might entirely cover it (N A).

Black Prom Dresses

Urbane Black Prom Dresses

black-prom-dressesThe prom is known to be one of the most memorable events in high school. These are often graced by the juniors and the seniors and are the perfect time to exhibit a young lady's remarkable fashion sense. While there are numerous colors that you can choose from, nothing is more elegant than that of black prom dresses. This is considered to be a neutral color and yet screams sophistication and impeccable taste.

Oftentimes bright colors are the popular choice when it comes to this special occasion. The colors red, blue and lavender are always a constant. However, black prom dresses enables the young lady who wears it to give themselves the confidence and pride in feeling formal as appropriate for the event. It is also one way to show others that you are in the point of your life that you are stepping out of adolescence and in to adulthood. This is a very classy choice to make and the color never goes out of style. Black is considered to be a classic color. This is often found to be a standard choice when it comes to formal events and gatherings. Let us not fall prey to the cliche that wearing black would give an aura of indifference and that you would not be noticed when fashioning this particular color.

The key to black prom dresses is choosing the right cut, fabric and design that would be able to best bring out your natural features. Silk is a great fabric and it clings to the body in a very sexy way. The cut and the design of the dress is a very important factor to consider (S H).

Pretty Prom Dresses

Cheap Pretty Prom Dresses

pretty-prom-dressesAre you looking for a great prom dress but feel like crying because the pretty ones are so very expensive? Well, now you really can get cheap pretty prom dresses to suit your budget. First of all many of the department stores are selling knock-offs of dresses that you saw at all the different award ceremonies. If you liked a dress from the Academy Awards, Golden Globe awards etc. you can find good copies of those dresses at bridal stores, formal wear shops and some of the department stores. Some of these dresses are only about $99.00.

But if $99.00 is too much, you might consider renting your dress. Cheap pretty prom dresses can also be had for a few days and then back they go to the rental company. What one company does is buy designer dresses at wholesale and rent them for about $50.00 to $200.00. You can rent the dress for usually a time period between four to eight days. You also will most likely to have the option to order another size of the same dress for no charge. That option is very helpful since depending on the manufacturer, the right size for you will vary. Additionally, you might be able to order a back-up style for about a $25.00 additional charge. Check online for these types of dress rental companies.

If you don't like the idea of renting but still want cheap pretty prom dresses consider resale shops. You need to find the upscale shops in your city or town. They are most likely to have women who frequently attend events requiring formals. You will get a good selection of formal gowns in good condition. Generally, these women only wear the dresses a few times and then may sell the dresses to finance their next purchase.

The most important criteria for selecting a cheap pretty prom dress is that you feel fabulous in it. Confidence is by far the greatest accessory. Next,check and see if you can move in the dress comfortably. Also, consider what kind of undergarments you will need. It could be that the dress requires expensive undergarments and may wind up costing too much after you purchase them. Think about shoes too. Check with friends who wears the same size they may have shoes to lend.

Trends for prom this year - shiny material either with sequins or metallic fabric, dresses with corset or bustier details, dresses in bright colors and jeweled details. Strapless dresses are appearing in many of the formal wear collections this year (M W).

Sarah Jessica Parker Vogue US May 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Before the sequel of Sex and the City hit the silver-screen this May, Sarah Jessica Parker grace the cover of Vogue US. Across the pages of the fashion magazine, you can also see some of her outstanding fashion styles. Check Sarah Jessica Parker's looks for Vogue US May 2010 issue!

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Dior Haute Couture blush-and-claret silk strapless dress.
Bulgari necklace.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Dior Haute Couture top hat with netting.
Fred Leighton diamond double-drop earrings.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Lanvin dusty-rose cotton-and-silk strapless dress.
Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Giambattista Valli silk-velvet jacquard bolero with grosgrain-ribbon trim and matching sleeveless dress.
Suzanne Couture Millinery cap with netting.
Fred Leighton earrings.
LaCrasia gloves.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Chanel lipstick-red silk-faille dress with embellishment and bracelet.
Fred Leighton earrings.

Sarah Jessica Parker,Vogue US,May 2010
Vera Wang butterscotch silk duchesse-satin dress with matching bolero.
Rochas hat.
Fred Leighton bracelets.
Tabitha Simmons pumps.

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