Ruby Pendant

ruby-pendantRuby pendant is a stunning piece of jewelry. If you are thinking of buying one as a gift or if you just want a pendant for yourself you have come to the right place. In this article I am going to give you some tips on what to look for when buying a ruby pendant.
ruby-pendantNatural rubies are beautiful and expensive. Natural rubies are rated 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The color of natural rubies can vary, some are a deep red. While others are red with yellow and orange tones or red with blue and purple tones. A natural ruby pendant should come with a certificate of authenticity. Lab created, also known as synthetic rubies are very affordable. Labs created rubies are absolutely beautiful and it is hard to tell the difference between a natural and a lab created ruby.
ruby-pendantThe setting you select has an impact on the price of your ruby pendant. Some things for consider are do you want it set in gold? If you so, do you want yellow or white gold? What type of gold do you want 14K or 18K. Because of the expense of gold many people choose 18K over sterling silver. Now you have my 3 tips for buying a ruby pendant. I hope you find these tips helpful and will assist you with purchasing a ruby pendant for yourself or that special someone (Cathy Collins).

Gold Pendant

gold-pendantPendants are adornments for necklaces. The most popular styles are lockets and crucifixes. If you are looking to buy gold pendant for a necklace you already own or buying a necklace with a pendant included you should find all of the relevant information included here. Pendants are often made from various precious metals and decorated with precious minerals or an engraved pattern.
gold-pendantAs with most gold jewellery, pendants can be made from yellow and white gold. As gold is not naturally white it is worth being mindful that, over time white gold may need to be restored. A 9 carat, solid gold pendant could contain around 35% pure gold whereas and 18 carat solid gold pendant would contain 75% pure gold. This drastically changes the price. Any solid gold jewellery should be engraved with a hallmark. 9ct gold should have the number '375' engraved and 18ct gold will have '750'.
gold-pendantAs a rule of thumb silver pendants should be available for less than £50 unless they are particularly heavy, higher grade than sterling or are set with stones that require a higher price. Plain or engraved 9ct yellow gold pendants should cost £50 - £100. Additional stones such as Sapphire, Peridot or Amethyst may require a price tag upwards of £200. Rubies and Diamonds will cost significantly more (Luke Hynek).

Coral Jewelry

coral-jewelryItaly is regarded as the center of coral jewelry making and Torre del Greco, which is in close proximity to Naples, is the place the finest coral jewelry in Italy is prepared. Bigger pieces are generally shaped into striking umbrella handles or walking sticks, whereas the smaller pieces are shaped into oval, round or egg shaped beads that are used in rosaries, necklaces and bracelets.
coral-jewelryCoral is perfect for carved cameos and is also made into gorgeous earrings, pillboxes, brooches, inlaid jewelry boxes, pendants, belt buckles, rings, tie bars and cuff links as well. A large amount of coral is sold to countries like China and India, where it is utilized in religious ceremonies.
coral-jewelryThe various colors of coral: Coral is also known as Corallo by the Italians and is found in a lot of distinctions. The following are regarded to be the most excellent for fine jewelry. The Red Coral is a classic and happens to be quite costly as well. This is the most treasured coral as compared to the rest and is in great demand all over the globe due to its solidity, attractiveness, and positive shade. Red Coral is derived from the sandy bed of the Mediterranean, as well as the Gulf of Naples that happens to be in close proximity to Genoa (Victor Epand).

Amethyst Necklaces

amethyst-necklacesMany women desire to possess an amethyst necklaces in their jewelry collection. The amethyst gemstone is viewed by most as an essential staple that compliments nearly any outfit. As a necklace, the amethyst is brought out even more when combined with pearls, beads, or silver for example. When made as an amethyst pendant necklace, the bright gemstone colors are said to bring out a woman's natural beauty.
amethyst-necklacesWhen choosing an amethyst necklace, there are a variety of factors to consider. Firstly, and most important is deciding on how much you are willing to spend, because necklaces accented with diamonds will obviously cost much more than and amethyst beaded necklace. The second most important factor is the length of the necklace. Princess length necklaces are typically perfect for a lady with a lovely long neck because it will accentuate it, however a collar necklace is always a safe choice because it can be worn.
amethyst-necklacesWhen picking out jewelry for a loved one, whether she is your mother, wife, daughter, girlfriend, etc, all ladies appreciate a thoughtful gift. Regardless if she is the recipient of an amethyst heart necklace or a silver amethyst necklace, you will see the happiness in her eyes before she even puts it on. This jewelry is meant to make an amazing impression of elegance and youth everywhere she goes (Justin D Reed).

Gossip Girl Season 4 Signature Looks

The cast of Gossip Girl has been filming some scenes for the tv show's 4th season in Upper West Side and they were spotted with their signature looks.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu
Blair Waldorf in a belted shirtdress paired, Miu Miu platform heels and Celine handbag.
Vanessa Abrams wore a clashing pair of tap shorts and printed blouse.

Serena in a berry-colored maxidress and Chanel shoulder bag.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

New cast, Juliet Sharp, sported a business look with matching neutrals.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

Vanessa in clogs and fringed messenger bag.
Chanel,Gossip Girl Style,Miu Miu

Gemstone Earrings

gemstone-earringsSome people have specific color preferences while some people also like only specific stones, and are energized by being around them. Gemstone earrings exist so that people may be able to select their jewelry based on their own preferences, and customize their accessories according to their desires.
gemstone-earringsExperts in psychic phenomena believe that each gemstone stands for something. Certain stones perform certain functions, or encourage a specific aspect of one's personality. For example, wearing garnet is said to help ease the pain of a bad breakup, or cause jealousy between lovers. Amethyst is said to protect its wearer against the ill effects of alcohol, slow down intoxication and prevent hangovers. Turquoise is said to give emotional strength. Jade has always had enormous importance in Asian civilization.
gemstone-earringsDiamond -- currently the hardest mineral known to man -- is said to stand for strength and purity, which is why it is in demand in gemstone earrings among both men and women. Different gemstone earrings may lend strength to different aspects of an individual's personality. Whether or not a person believes in the mythical and supernatural characteristics and powers associated with these stones, wearing gemstone earrings nevertheless may feel like the wearer has on a tangible part of his or her personality that looks good, as well (Sam Serio).

Gemstone Necklaces

gemstone-necklacesThe clutter on her desk piles up, and eventually, she can't get anything done until she clears it away. This familiar scenario serves as a metaphor for healing gemstone necklaces and the need to effectively cleanse them. If healing stones are properly cared for, their capabilities are extensive. When applied therapeutically, gemstones release unwanted energies from the patient's body and aura. In time, these unwanted energies collect on the surface of gemstones, as well as in the energy field that surrounds each of them. Much like the clutter on a desk, these unwanted energies get in the way of the gemstones' healing powers, and the stones must be cleansed.
gemstone-necklacesThere are many methods to cleanse gemstone necklaces. Running water, sunlight, moonlight, soil cleansing, smudging, salt, and clay packs and baths are among some of the common cleansing methods. In addition to these, we now have cleansing sprays made with the energetic imprint of gemstone energies specially designed to clear a variety of unwanted energies. This method may be the fastest, easiest, and most effective of all (Isabelle Morton).
gemstone-necklacesWater is effective for cleansing non-threaded mineral kingdom therapy tools, such as crystals and crystal clusters. However, there are significant drawbacks in using water to cleanse gemstone necklaces. The foremost is premature necklace breakage. This can occur if the necklace is cleansed in water as often as it should be (daily, or more often if you have a serious health condition). Also, it is best to keep in constant contact with a therapeutic gemstone necklace. If you break this contact to allow a necklace to dry, you lose connection with the necklace's resources. A network of supportive energy must be formed between the body and the necklace, and repeatedly losing contact with the necklace prevents this. In addition, water cleansing will be ineffective if the water emerging from your faucet is chlorinated, and the chlorine will eat away at the thread.

Sunlight is another popular method for gemstone necklace cleansing. However, sunlight can bleach the color from certain gemstones, and worse, it can impart harmful solar radiation. Sunlight only loosens unwanted energies from gemstones. These energies still need to be removed from the gems' energy field. If gemstones are placed in sunlight, they should always be placed behind a windowpane to avoid solar radiation, some of which is not therapeutic. Due to the constantly changing solar and cosmic radiation levels, sunbathing gemstones is no longer recommended (Isabelle Morton).

Gold Bracelets

gold-braceletsThere are many different types of gold bracelets on the market today and different styles suit different people, so any buying guide needs to inform the consumer about as many types as possible. Whether you are into the latest fashion 'must haves' in the shape of fine jewellery lovelinks bracelets, more traditional ornate styles or the more simple gold bangles, you will be spoilt for choice both in independent jewellers shops and in the bigger chain stores.
gold-braceletsGold bangle bracelets though very understated in design can show a sense of style and class purely by the reflectiveness of the gold itself catching the light as you move. There are more stylised bangles on the market however that cater for those who like to get people's attention in the street or when they're out for the evening. Stylised bangle bracelets range from simple designs, to enamelled shapes being incorporated into the bangle surround or even gold snake shaped bangles which appear as though a snake has wrapped itself around your wrist. Not a style that would appeal to everyone, but certainly eye-catching.
gold-braceletsGold bangles come in two main types, solid gold and hollow gold. The advantages of solid gold bangles, is that they are less likely to dent or deform than hollow bangles, however they are more expensive as you are getting more gold essentially. Plus solid gold bangle bracelets are harder wearing which means they'll last longer and can be handed down through the generations.

If you are buying for the younger generation or for someone who likes to change their look on a regular basis, then you may wish to opt for lovelinks gold bracelets as they allow the wearer to become a jewellery designer themselves. They are basically bracelets with beads which are inter-changeable and the wearer can really put their own touch on the design by adding silver, gold beads and even other types of jewellery along the bracelet. Different lengths of bracelet leather are available so you can style yours to be tight around your wrist or loose with more beads. Jewellers even sell beads which have names engraved onto them, so you could have your partners name featured in your lovelinks bracelet (Noah Back).

Cubic Zirconia Bracelet

cubic-zirconia-braceletDo you have a collection of wonderful jewelries? Well, you might be looking for some pieces that you will add for your set. However, with lots of choices that you can select from, it could be a hard task for you, most especially if you are on a tight budget. With these things, you might want to consider taking a Cubic Zirconia bracelet. So, why should you take this kind of jewelry? Actually, it is for the fact that, it could greatly work for you, just like how diamonds and crystals do.
cubic-zirconia-braceletSince there are lots of Cubic Zirconia bracelets that you can choose from, there are essential things that you should take into consideration. The first thing that you should think about is the kind of piece that you would like to wear. Think about how most of your pieces could make you really feel and the style that you really want. With such, you can start moving forward.
cubic-zirconia-braceletMoreover, if you consider Cubic Zirconia bracelet, cost is one of the things that you will never worry about. It is totally inexpensive, yet not a cheap one to have. So, instead buying those expensive gold bracelet, simply get the Cubic Zirconia one and then purchase another piece for your remaining money. Therefore, you could have other piece of jewelry for your extensive collection.

If you are looking for great additional for your jewelry collection, it would be great to look at Cubic Zirconia bracelet and take some time looking for the best one that you really need. It is not just a plain kind of bracelet, as it is much greater than those that you could find. It has great advantages that you could also find through other posh and elegant pieces that you could take (Tridipta Ghosh).

Diamond Bracelet

diamond-braceletOn your beautiful and delicate wrist nothing can be more deserving than a diamond bracelet. The elegance and style of a bracelet would simply enhance the entire beauty and charm of your personality with a glitter. A woman dressed elegantly with jewelry could feel that something's missing on her; well undoubtedly it has to be a bracelet with diamonds studded on it. The bracelet would exponentially enhance the beauty of the entire attire that she's wearing. Something's just can't be substituted well one amongst them is a bracelet which sparkles and glorifies the beauty of a woman.
diamond-braceletDiamond Tennis Bracelets look extraordinarily beautiful and accentuate the beauty of your delicate wrist. It has a constant design which is a single link crafted from gold, silver or platinum or a combination resulting in two tone and three tone shades, with diamonds or gemstones studded on it. The stones have been neatly arranged in a single row and the design is generally kept simple and classy. It is a designer piece of jewelry and with its classy design it simply accentuates the beauty of the one who wears it.
diamond-braceletBangle bracelets are bracelets without which a woman' attire is incomplete. No beauty of any sort can substitute the timeless elegance allured by the diamond bangles. Gold bangles have invariable been the in thing since ages. Mainly they come in two styles; one being the pure gold form and the other being the stone studded form. White gold bangle has become extraordinarily popular amongst every girl no matter what style they follow. Silver bangles are a sheer delight to wear as they go along with any and every attire imaginable. With a diamond bracelet worn, you would need no more accessories for your hand to make them look amazingly beautiful (Elitha William).

Hottest Bags: Phillip Lim Edie and Mulberry Neely Bags

Phillip Lim's Edie and Mulberry's Neely bags are two of the hottest bags in Hollywood right now. Some of the stars like Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester and Diane Kruger were seen with Phillip Lim’s Edie bag while Blake Lively, Michelle Trachtenberg and Olivia Palermo hit the streets with Mulberry's Neely bag.
Phillip Lim,Mulberry,Fashion Trends

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Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 RTW Collection

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2010 RTW Collection

It's all about romance in Alberta Ferretti's Fall/Winter 2010/2011 Collection where women's dresses are taken to another level and their fragile materials attach a sense of femininity to her pieces. With spectacular shapes her designs show pure and clean silhouettes.

Mens Earrings

mens-earringsWord jewelry is not remaining the domain of women now days especially since the early 19th century when discoveries were made to old civilizations of Egypt, India and Persia. We saw paintings of men on the walls wearing necklace, bands and mens earrings of different sizes. If we go back in time line, we can see that up to middle of 20th century, earrings for men were not present as much as they are today. Neither these were available as a choice for men nor in term of fashion.
mens-earringsIn men's jewelry, stud earrings are most popular in all. The main reason of popularity of stud earring is that when some body wear stud earring, very few people can judge either person's earring has some physical or permanent connection with the ear or not. A more classy type of stud earring jewelry is the ones that feature a diamond as its stud. This type of stud earrings is also a popular variety because of it can be worn with an ease.
mens-earringsWhen one decide to wear earring either in his one ear or in both ear, he must know how to wear and which variety to be wear at some specific occasion. These handy tips will definitely help men while they wear earrings.

It should not be noted that there some time when you should not wear sparkles in your ear. One should wear earrings while playing sports or working in which your body directly involves as a whole. There are few reasons when one should not wear earrings at these times. During physical activity your body produces excessive amounts of sweats. So you better put off your earrings and take care of yourself.

Studs! Yes the best choice for men's earrings. Not in some specific country or region, universally studs are best and popular. One big reason, you can have them in thousand of styles and colors to match your outfit or any special occasion. But again if you not wearing to large studs, its fine (Keyur P).

Christian Dior Fall Couture 2010

John Galliano's theme for Christian Dior Fall Couture 2010 collection was a giant garden. The background was filled with giant flowers in vibrant colors. The daywear and the evening dresses from the collection embodies the characteristics of flowers. View the rest of the collection!
Fashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,DiorFashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,Dior

Fashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,DiorFashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,Dior
Fashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,DiorFashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,Dior
Fashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,DiorFashion Trends,Runway Shows,Fall,Dior

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Gowns

In my previous post, you have seen Blake Lively and Leighton Meester's Parisian style for the 4th season of Gossip Girl. Today, we will look some of the stunning floor-length gowns as seen on the set.
Jenny Packham,Gossip Girl Style,Fashion News
Blake Lively aka Serena has been spotted in an embellished Jenny Packham gown. Clemence Poesy aka Eva sported a multi-colored strapless Carlos Miele gown. Kelly Rutherford wore a purple Reem Acra gown.

Gold Earrings

gold-earringsGold earrings are the most preferred jewelry of women. They are worn by women for beauty and status purposes. With its exquisiteness, these jewelries enhance the beauty of every woman. These jewelries are also very expensive. Hence you should take great care of gold jewelry. Your earrings can become unexciting by daily uses. Makeup, perfumes, creams, and other products can make these jewelries look dull if they get in contact with these items.
gold-earringsBefore you start cleaning your earrings, collect the important things necessary for cleaning such as mild detergent, strainer, warm water, soft toothbrush, and soft cloth. Put little drops of mild detergent into a bowl. Dish washing soaps can also be used to clean jewelry. Pour 2 cups of hot water into it. Then you should put your earrings in a small colander and set the colander into the water. Let your earring soak the solution for about ten minutes. Then take away the colander from the water. Then you should clean your earrings, with a soft toothbrush.
gold-earringsPlace it to the colander again and clean gently in water. Then you can take the earrings away from the colander and dried up with a soft cloth. You should not use paper towels since they can cause scratches on the jewelry.

Store up your gold earrings in a feint jewelry box. You must ensure that there has been enough space in the box so that your jewelries do not get scratched. If you have a jewelry box with dividers, it is just good for storing jewelries (JM Chuong).
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