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Christmas Fashion Show

It's Christmas - everyone's favorite time of the year. For many, Christmas is about the friends, family, faith, vacation, and tradition. But there are still some who take Christmas to the next level - fashion-wise. Yes, indeed Christmas is a time for flaunting the new set of clothes we've saved up for the whole year. The yuletide season is the perfect time to shop for clothes because of the humongous bargains sellers put up, so they too, can enjoy Christmas profits.

Christmas officially begins on the '-ber' months: September, October, November, December - not to mention January and February, because of the frigid cold retained by those months.

To start, Christmas fashion is defined by the word 'simple'. Yes, simple. On Christmas, it's considered a fashion blunder to be walking on the street sporting clothes that have a rainbow of colors. A technicolor of dress colors is simply too 'blah' for Christmas, because the happiness has already set in this season - there's no need to make people happy, because they already are. The fashion law states that whenever the hazy seasons - like summer, autumn, & spring - start blemishing the atmosphere, that's the only time wearing our colorful dresses are considered fashionable.

An Ode To My Nine West Winter Coat

People moan and groan about the cold, winter months but I happen to enjoy the process of bundling up.

Along with my love of curling up on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a festive movie, I love putting on a warm coat and scarf to brace the crisp, icy winds.

I consider this Nine West coat to be the love child of a winter coat and a fall sweater since the sleeves are tight and knitted while the body is boxy and wooly. And while I'm not usually one for a boxy jacket, I like how this one really allows me to bundle and layer. I can wear it on those days that don't command the heaviest coat and layer it up when the temperatures really dip.



Outfit Details: Nine West coat and scarf, J Brand Jeans, LNA shirt

Plunging neckline: the new take for fall 2011

There are inherent risks with a plunging neckline, but I don’t think I need to spell out what they are. Suffice to say some are dangers of an aesthetic nature, where as others can concern a girl’s modesty. The plunging neckline is not for everyone. But there are ways to wear it that, for the willing, give it a sultry update as a fashion for fall 2011, and most certainly as an ongoing trend in spring 2012. After the break we’ll take you through examples of the statement cut for the coming seasons, including a look at who’s designing it and how they’ve done it. And as always, you can keep up with all the latest trends and information on how to style them by subscribing to’s newsletter.
plunging neckline dress

Sienna Miller Hair Style

Sienna Miller Hairstyle - click to try on!


This golden beach babe style is dressed in waves through the mid-lengths to ends giving this simple style movement for a fun and flirty look and feel. This is perfect for those with fine to medium hair and will need a little product for hold and shine.


  • Hair Category: Casual
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Hair Elasticity: Wavy


  • Gender: Women
  • Face Shape: Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular
  • Hair Density: Thin/Medium
  • Hair Texture: Fine/Medium
  • Age: Under 21, 21 - 30, 31 - 40, and 41 - 50
  • Height: Any
  • Weight: Thin/Average/Large
  • Glasses: Suits with and without


Styling Time: 30 minutes
Styling Tip
Pinch the ends and drag the hair forward to create a messy and textured finish.
Sienna Miller Hairstyle - click to try on!

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