Summer 2009 Must-Have: Trendy Swimwear

The sun is beaming brightly. It produces a different tingling heat. Can you feel it too? Well, here the Philippines, it's definitely summer time and I am so excited with this season. It means longer day, tanner skin, tons of sun block lotion or tanning oil, glasses of refreshing smoothies and drinks, time to play around and most of all having fun in a beach.

But before we head outdoors and bask on the heat of the sun let's check our bags if we got the summer must-haves such as swimwear.

There are lots of available swimwear but we should not buy impulsively. Keep in mind that they are not just for swimming, but for posing as well. You'll feel good if you're sporting a hot trendy swimwear. I looked on the Victoria's Secret site and here are some of the must-haves swimwear that every fashionista should grab:

Influences: Bohemian, retro, glamorous, sexy, one-shoulder, cut-outs

Accents: Ring hardware, buckles, belts, ruffles, chains and beads.

Prints: Geometrics, stripes, clashing, florals, animals, polka dots

Colors: Purples, metallics, brights, greens, solids

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