fashion designs
One designer each month showcases their latest collection in store creating a haven for fresh, individual and creative pieces to be purchased.The shop floor for February is dedicated to Tara Zeims and her collection Clothes to Wear Before You Make Love. A collection that was inspired by the year 1969, Zeims looks back on the days with rose coloured glasses and explores life when the average income was six thousand dollars, a loaf of bread cost twenty cents and a ticket to the best concert sold for six dollars. “The forty piece collection is exploding with mind-altering prints, psychedelic tie-dyed colours and styles that are modern and perfectly suited to the Gold Coast Autumn” explained Zeims.“The fabrics used in the collection range from printed cottons to hand dyed chiffon to create the feeling of free spirit and a love for life.”
Individual items include cotton and chiffon dresses, wrap skirts and fringe vests.
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