Amazing Lace

Amazing Lace.

I’m loving the Prada lace handbags and am officially (kind of) over the Prada Fairy bags because its not like us, mere mortals can get our hands on the limited edition element of the Fairy bag but this lace on the other hand…there shouldn’t be a reason why we can’t get our manicured fingers on them. I have to say that I am really, really loving the Prada bags at the moment. Okay, I admit; Fairy bag or not, Prada’s handbags have definitely been just oh-so-fabulous for quite a while now and they really are the current ‘it’ items. The antique lace element adds such a great touch to the modern element of the handbag. There seems to be a more classic, seductive yet antique feel to this product which I really like…Move over fairies. It’s time we got feminine and fabulous. Miuccia you’ve done it again!

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