Crazy shoes to love.

Okay, we all know that the classic pumps are something which everyone should have at least two pairs of in their wardrobes; think patent leather peep toes and round toed Louboutin heels, but what about those fun heels which might not necessarily be considered ‘in’ this season but are just as shoe worthy as the next Michael Kors wedge heel? Did we really forget how fabulous it is just to have a pair of unique shoes which you might never wear and you cringe when you find the receipt but when you stare into your shoe closet, you smile with glee and start frantically trying it on around the house and dressing up listening to Madonna’s “Vogue” before you end up taking all of your fabulous clothes to mix and match and then parade down the hallway like some huge fashion superstar? Well, if you just got the vivid image which I hoped you got; you need not ask me what I did on my weekend. So, my topic of today is those fabulous shoes which not everyone will have and that you cannot get enough of, even though you may have worn them fifty times around the house but not once out. Maybe it is the style, the colour, the height or everything! I want to see some of your heels which are fabulous for wearing around the house and in case you were wondering, slippers are completely optional.

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