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Two designer emails. One after the other.

gucci - invites you to explore our new luggage collection view the gucci viaGGio video shop our men’s classics

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton and Gucci.

Love it: Runway Hair and Beauty trends.

Chanel,spring/summer 2008Backstage at Fendi, spring/summer 2008Greg Kessler for Christian DiorBackstage at Louis Vuitton, spring/summer 2008Marcio Madeira for ChanelGucci, spring/summer 2008Agyness DeynGreg Kessler for MoschinoGreg Kessler for John GallianoMarcio Madeira for Roberto Cavalli

Images courtesy of Vogue.

Taylor Momsen wants high end modelling.

Here are some exclusive pics of 14 year old Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen which were featured on the IMG modelling website. Rumour has it that Momsen wants to do high end modelling for the likes of Chanel and Miu Miu as opposed to the typical tween Neutrogena, Dooney and Burke style ad campaigns. What do you think? Hot or not?





Written by Lisa Chau. Images courtesy of IMG

Agyness in Glamour.


My eyes hurt.

Pink is both my generally favourite colour and also my least favourite colour to wear. Not because it is absurdly ugly and disgusting which it isn't at all but I never really get a good feeling when it comes to wearing pink. I feel weirdly young, immature, mean-girls-slash-clueless get the drift? I think that fuschia is just that pink colour which will look fabulous when it comes to going out to parties at night and will look super hot for like the first two hours, by the time the clock strikes midnight, you woul have to be kind of happy to get rid of the brightness and out-there quality of the outfit colour. But I have to say that I am slowly, just slowly adoring pink accesories like shoes, bags and pink Chanel Bangles etc. I'm slowing loving the pink-here-pink-there idea which I've got going on with bows and headbands. Ha. Subtle I know. With fashion (and my fashion tastes) being so unpredictable, who knows? By the end of the week, don't be too surprised if you see me wearing a fuschia pink Roberto Cavalli dress which just screams out "Fuschia!".

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