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Hey Lisa,

I'm currently in a desperate urge of purchasing a tote bag. Question is, what SHOULD I buy? The last thing I want is to drop a fortune on something that I'm going to regret. Nothing too formal, but not too trashy... slightly edgy...but a statement.. yep that's how I want it. Please Help!

Thanks a million darl

ANSWER: Oh my goodness. Don't we just love handbags? I know I have an enormous weakness for handbags right now and sometimes the pay check can only demand my attention on the more Iconic styles than the oh-so-fabulous trend pieces which are coming out season after season. When you said "Nothing too formal, but not too trashy...slightly edgy but a statement", there seemed to be this little button which went off in my head and started screaming that you are in desperate need of some Yves Saint Laurent. I love the YSL Tribute bag and the YSL Downtown tote. They are such oversized classic favourites of mine which have that hint of edginess which pure sophistication and it is also such an Iconic piece which can be recognised miles away for that effortlessly timeless appeal. If the price tag is a bit much, I did manage to find a YSL Tribute tote from for a discounted $1,871.00 compared to the original $2,495.00 price tag. Is that convincing enough?
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