Fashion Q&A


Hi Lisa,

I am currently invited to an engagement party which has no particular dress code but it is hosted as a garden luncheon. I need help on what to wear because I don't want to look like a big flowery mess!! (I know a few women who will be going OTT on florals) I would like to keep it simple, classic and feminine but something which will get me noticed so it isn't TOO subtle. Can you please help?!


Answer: I love a good engagement party. They are just so fun to dress up for and I totally understand what you mean about looking like a big flowery mess as I have seen it all before. Yes, I think keeping it simple, classic and feminine is a really gorgeous idea. If you want to upstage the Bride-to-be (which I hope you don't!) I would suggest wearing white but as we are just so nice, we'll slant sideways and go for some lovely Spring neutrals instead. With this look, simplicity and attention to detail is crucial. Simplicity should be evident in the design of the dress, the shoes, the bag etc. but attention to detail should be prominent in the accesories and the hair and makeup etc. in order to delicately balance the look. I love mixing neutrals with metallic based accesories. I think it gives the look the extra oomph it needs. Overall, I hope you have a fun time getting dressed up and remember to send me some photos!

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