The flat of all flats.

You might remember my little rant a few weeks (or months) ago where I was talking out loud about my little issue with flats and how hard it is to find the perfect pair for this season. Well, I was checking my email and a friend of mine who works at Salvatore Ferragamo sent me some fabulous images of their iconic flat shoe and that is when I literally slapped myself on the forehead because I realised how much I have always wanted this shoe and how ridiculous it was for me to forget it when I needed it most (in my update at the time). So here it is, a tribute to the Salvatore Ferragamo flat shoe. As you can tell, I've put more than enough images of it so you can drool with me, prepare to grab a pair during your lunch break and get your credit card ready or you can just choose to walk away quietly.

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