Love layering.

This season is so cold! There have been days where I have wanted to wear a vintage inspired Anna Sui dress with a pair of stockings and boots but it has just been way too cold and as a result, I look rather dishevelled and mismatched in the process. I have seriously resorted to layering knits and denim and chiffon pieces all on top of each other because it is just that cold. Not that, this is a bad look, but rather I have grown to like it. I usually begin my day with a Stella McCartney camisole, a thin Calvin Klein cardigan, a denim Rock and Republic vest on top of that and to top it off with an oversized Michael Kors knit, some basic denim Bettina Liano's and a pair of tan brogues. Metallics, chiffon, neutrals, leather, wool, denim and pearls tend to go very well together; suprisingly enough. I just hope I don't look like some big frumpy thing. No one has said anything about my look yet which means that amongst all the mismatching of brands and eccentrically cool layering of all sorts of fabrics...I must be doing something right.

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