More SATC; The NY Premiere

I know!! If I keep this up, The Iconic will soon become a celebrity gossip website which I am steadily trying to avoid but either way, you have to admit that with fashion comes celebrity and vice versa (maybe I am just giving myself another excuse, but you can figure that one out yourself) however, when it comes to the Sex and the City Movie and fashion, you have to admit that the brilliance of Carrie Bradshaw and our favourite awesome foursome of all time and the abundance of designer clothes, you had to conclude that the line between fashion and celebrity gets a lot more thinner before it sort of vanishes and that is where this story goes. As you can already tell; I just booked my tickets online and with only a week or so left before it comes, I can just jump with joy in my Louboutin clad feet and I could not contain my excitement when seeing the what the 'It' girls of all time were wearing at the New York premiere. Do you love or hate the outfits? Is obsession something which can be cured? Stay tuned because we shall find out in about 8 days!!

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