Oh to being Beauty-full.

I think that everyone generally has their own beauty habits which never seem to die hard. I know that I may have been stuck in a beauty rut for quite some time now. I mean, day after day; I do the same make up process as I have always done. I put light, almost pastel green Dior-shadow onto my eyelids (as green brings out the best of brown eyes, and blue the best out of green eyes and so on…) before I gently line the top with Giorgio Armani eye pencil in noir and then finish it off with a wave of a Lancome mascara. My lips are then finished off with some MAC lip gloss wands or an occasional red MAC lipstick here and there. (I totally scrap the foundation part because I don’t use it).

I think that it is rather interesting as everyone has their own unique make up habits, for example; I know this one girl who goes for a completely natural look; but what you must know about any ‘natural’ look (notice inverted commas), it’s obviously a combination of some natural beige foundation, clear mascara, lip balm, you know the rest. And she looks fabulous because the look suits her. However, I also know for a fact that she has had the same make up look ever since I met her which was quite a long time ago. Funny enough, she is not the only one whose beauty habits I have observed over a long period of time which has been never changing.

As a result, I had come to the conclusion that perhaps without knowing (because we always seem to look fabulous if we keep at what works best); we may all be indeed stuck in a beauty rut. So taking this point to a new level, I decided to look up some fabulous looks which were featured in the fashion and beauty dictators of the runways and I came across a few new looks which would work just so well, not only with your designer outfit but also work: taking in account faces and the effectiveness of the looks.

Through browsing all these fabulous fashion runway websites, I was intrigued by the makeup featured at Preen as it was beautifully subtle but enhancing which is exactly what I think makeup should be doing. Pastel smoky eyes with pale ruby lips and natural eyebrows were such a gorgeous look. A dash of eye shadow to bring out the natural orb colour and shape was vital in emphasising a natural beauty. Invest in gorgeous colours such as pale blues, greens, apricots and silvers to bring out natural shades. For lips, keep the look sexy but not too seductive with some ‘wilted rose’ coloured lip gloss and balms. Finish the look with some clear mascara on top lashes and there you have subtle beauty which won’t break your budget…or your face.

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