Put a scarf on it

It is such a sombre and miserable day today. Not only reflective on the weather but also on the mood and the events which have happened (which I don't really want to mention as it does not relate to fashion). The skies are grey, the rain just splatters misery and it is just such a depressing day which should really be brightened up with a few gorgeous smiles and happy-go-lucky moods which can be epitomised just fabulously with some fresh bright scarves to stand out during this dull, dull day. Bright accesories are such a must have for this chilly winter season and where better to start than a fabulous colourful scarf? Sure, it might not change the way I personally feel about everything deep and depressing about life, but at least I know for sure that when I wear my patterned Pucci around my neck, it is definitely bringing some colour into my day and hopefully also into someone elses.

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