RAFW: What to wear

I am pleased to brag…I mean, ‘announce’ to you all that I have been invited to Rosemount fashion week on Thursday where I will sit happily in the VIP box, that is, front row; next to the amazing Kath Purkis of Le Black Book; opposite the Vogue girls and I absolutely cannot wait. But then, I just realised something; this amazing opportunity, this amazing social event where one can see and be seen, makes me fall victim to that horrible, absolutely horrible line of “I have nothing to wear” when in real fact, considering who I am going to be surrounded by and ‘seen’ by the fashion gods and fashion phonies is actually now officially a literal fact.

So what will a girl on a tiny budget (who needs new clothes) amongst the fabulous Australian designers do to resolve this issue? Shopping? Yeah, I suppose so; if a two hundred dollar budget is good enough for you. But then, wait a minute; before I get carried away to what I did literally on that last Sunday before RAFW, I had to do what ever normal person in my situation would do. I did some homework on the World Wide Web and came to a site which stated that one should generally splurge on one designer piece and dress it up and work with it using existing clothes from my wardrobe. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it?

But then, looking from photographs of previous fashion weeks, should I choose to wear the Kirrily Johnson blood red capelet and a classic but very sexy LBD finished with a pair of patent Jimmy Choo ankle boots? Or shall I wear a vintage cream anglaise mini dress, a pair of Leona Edmiston spotted stockings complete with a pair of Marc Jacobs brogues? Or how about a Chloe chiffon top, Bettina Liano skinny jeans and the Pedro Garcia ankle boots? What do you think? Yeah… same. I have no idea either.

So on the Thursday when I shall endeavour to RAFW in my absolute last minute outfit which I dig out of my wardrobe and thus; take fifty million photographs to post up on this blog on the day, you shall see what I will be wearing. Whatever it is, you absolutely cannot miss the blood red Estee Lauder lipstick painted on my lips, and my vintage Chanel handbag held steadily with my black Chanel clad fingernails; so if there is anything for sure, it would be just that. Wish me luck.

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