The Upper East Side goes on Holiday

The fashion world moves ever so quickly. One second I am reviewing Fall/Winter 2008 collections and before I know it, 2009 resort wear has just walked through the door just waiting for a review but then again, trust Galliano not to make a fashion statement.

Dior Resort 2009 collection was one of freshness, colour and chic. Beautiful ruffled silk skirts were intertwined with fabulous shades of fuchsia, orange and purple along with a classic fresh blazer in a wonderful tailored fit accompanied with an oversized black brooch for a look which screamed out an effortless chic appeal. Ruffled skirts and texture made its appearance at this show with lovely skirting and textured sleeves in reds, fuchsias and gold which contrasted incredibly with the more sophisticated white suits which denoted a sense of luxury and chic. Stripes, prints and florals were all evident in this collection with amazing, being seen on pants, skirts, tops even handbags and shoes! Gorgeous two piece sets were coming back with wonderful beaded detail around necklines and skirt hemlines. Oversized caftans were worn exceptionally well with minute accessories for that exaggerated resort luxe wear.

It appears that this collection mirrored the wonderful fashions of the fifties with obvious snippets of Bollywood in the intricate detailing which was evident on most of the pieces. The beautiful colours and textures created such a statement look which looked very “Upper East Side goes on holiday” but yes, to all the mere mortals of the world; once again, it is a look which we can only dream of…at this seasonal state.

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