Girls Hairstyles

Girls' hairstyles can be vastly different because the hair texture is just as different for the little ones as it is for the big ones! Smaller girls generally have softer, finer hair while older girls mostly have thicker and more texture to their hair. These are 5 styles that encompass some of the textures you have to deal with when selecting a style for your girl and ways to work with what you have instead of working against it.

For naturally curly hair, use products that support curls instead of smoothing products. It's a lot easier to style her hair and it will look a lot healthier when you don't have to apply heat to it. Little girl hair is a lot more fragile and sensitive to the heat from a curling iron or flat iron. Use a shine spray to help keep fly-aways down. You can also spray the wide-tooth comb or brush with the shine spray when hair is wet. Just be sure to keep the shine away from roots. You don’t want to weigh the hair down and make it look limp and greasy. If you want more defined curls, use sponge rollers when hair is just damp and let dry or use cloth rollers that are warm and insert after hair has dried. Spray with a light or medium hold hairspray for a special occasion, but stay away from harsher sprays because they can damage the more fragile hair.

Want to add a little more definition to the style? Try bangs. It softens the overall look and there are a lot of different ways they can be cut. The most traditional for little girls is blunt cut, but that doesn’t mean you have to go that route. They frame the face while still allowing you to pull the hair into pigtails or put in a cute hair accessory like a wide headband or cute clip.

Braids are in! There are a lot of ways to braid, and this picture shows one of the easiest. Pull all the hair to one side and insert braid. Secure with binder and you’re done! You can dress it up with a headband (also in style right now) or fun colorful barrettes. Use a fake flower on a string to tie around the end. Whatever way you choose to dress it up, this is an easy fix on a busy day.

As they get older, girls want to lose the “baby” look and feel like they’re more grown-up and independent. You can both win by choosing a style that is young and fresh enough for you and sophisticated for her. Medium length with side swept bangs and layering is a grown-up style that works on younger girls too. It’s easy to style and fairly low maintenance. If you keep the ends cleaned up, this style can last a long time. She should still be able to pull it back when she needs to, but also leave it down for dressier events.

Try a blunt cut for thick and mostly straight hair. If the hair is more dense, you should be okay using a blow dryer as long as you use a thermal protection spray to keep hair from drying out. It’s really cute all on its own, but can be even cuter with an embellished headband or even a cute hat.

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