Mohawk Haircuts for Men

Mohawk Haircuts   picture

Is it a good idea to get a new cool stylish mohawk haircut for men? Yes, of course! The mohawk hairstyle is one of the most stylish and popular haircut for men, especially the young guys love this kind hair style. But not every one love the mohawk haircut, because it is not easy to maintenance, to be fashion and stylish, it worth.

Many male celebrities wear the mohawk haircut, the mohawk icon I do think the the famous football player David Beckham, he ever wear really cool short mohawk haircut.Mohawk hairstyles will always have a place in society.

There are some different types of mens’ mohawk haircuts.And here are the three main haircuts:

Short and spiky Mohawk Haircuts - this mohawk haircut uses a little wider amount of hair that is much shorter in length, it is much like a strip of carpet as all the short hairs are spike up along the strip.

Long and Pointy Mohawk Haircuts – with this style, hair is long and molded into sharp, pointy strands that stick upright, the strands can either go inline or stick out in varying degrees for a even more wild punk hairstyle

Horses Mane Mohawk Haircuts – this mohawk hair is one of my favorites because it reminds me of those old gladiator movies with their helmets with strands of horse hair flowing along the back, but here its actually on your head and it looks great, the secret here is to have medium hair length with a little wider strip which can be spike towards the center to form a triangular link.

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