black balerina style nice outfit

I am not a simplistic dresser, and most of the time I am wearing outfits that your can travel in with your eyes because their’s a lot going on. But lately I feel like wearing more simple outfits as well. Not changing to ‘only wearing simplistic outfits’ but I vary. The little black dress is a classic, I do not have to tell you that. Although I never really adjust it to myself. Of course I did wore little black dresses, but not really as a ‘statement little black dress’. This dress was my sister’s who is 12 years older then me. Although it doesn’t feel that way, but yeah she has old clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore and I was amazed by this dress. So she gave it to me! :) It has (as you can see) this amazing back with thin leather belts. The bag is a present from my moms. It was so sweet, she went to Ireland a couple a weeks ago and while she was there, she had already texted me that she had found me a vintage bag! Since she knows how a vintage freak I am. And I love it! It is sophisticated and classy. Perfect for a classic outfit such as this one. The bracelet is made of fake bone ‘blocks’ and it suits a lot of my outfits, which are most of the times earthy looks. The shoes are just cute sportive flats, but with a cute feminine touch: the satin laces. Also they remind me of dance-shoes and they made me feel like a ballerina again (I have done classic ballet from the age of 4 till 14). The scarf in my hair is about to turn into a signature hair-do of mine, I do this with basic scarfs such as this one, but also with african and indonesian fabrics. The earrings are the jewel on the crown, because they are made by my niece; sister’s daughter Lisa, who is 10 years old! I freaking LOVE them! they are made of wooden beads and are so my style!

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