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A look at Beyonce’s Fashion Designer Dresses on the red carpet for fashion and other events that showcase designer dresses. This beautiful pink dress was worn by Beyonce at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala. She looks stunning and glamorously put together. I like the fact that she went naked and subtle and not overly iced and glittered as usual. Very gracefully and beautiful.
Cute breezy dresses and blouses from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection of California-based fashion designer Melanie Renee, who is known for her keen fashion sense and vintage-inspired style.
The Heart Truth's annual Red Dress Collection Fashion Show kicks off New York Fashion Week each February to raise awareness about heart disease. There are six designer red dresses worn by Kelly Ripa, Sara Ramirez, Vanessa Williams, Rachael Ray, and Natalie Morales up for auction on Clothes Off Our Back.
Displaying dresses and ensembles from the Georgian, Regency and Victorian periods, this display entitled Dresses from History shows a carefully chosen selection of dresses from the museums collection. Specialist textile conservators have prepared the dresses for the exhibition using different conservation treatments for the different dresses.
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