Gold Prom Dresses

gold-prom-dressesYou have to be a bit daring to wear a gold prom dresses mainly because you have to work really hard at making it not look like a wedding dress. Gold dresses for prom need to be simple without a great deal of embellishment. Some beading or clear crystals and sequins look nice on a white dress and it does not come off as being too much.
gold-prom-dressesGirls that are very fair should probably stay away from white dresses because it will wash out their features and make them look dull. If you are fair and still want to wear white it is suggested that you go get a tan. Girls with a tan look fantastic with gold dresses. You can add a little color to the dress by taking some material and making a sash that will tie around the waste or just above if there is an empire waist. Use gold to stay in the neutral range but give yourself a little glitter.
gold-prom-dressesGold is a great color to add along with some gold shoes. You can actually make your sash any color you wish. Pastels work very well as do the bolder and colors. Picking out shoes for a gold prom dresses is easy. If you are not going to add any color to the dress itself you should pick white shoes. Wear satiny pumps, white sandals, patent leather heals or ballet slippers, just make sure they are white. They can have gold or silver accents. If you want to be a little more daring you can wear either gold or silver shoes.
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