New beauty and cosmetic labels are revolutionizing the industri delivering a range of cosmetics that do at least twice job now JT shares her bag of tricks

In a perfect world, women would be able to eat as much as we like without putting on a single pound, enjoy a life time supply of our favourite brands for free and wearing stilettos wouldn’t hurt

But while some things will clearly remain a fantasy, shorter days an longer working hours have quickly become a reality for many modern women between breakfast meetings and cocktails with clients, picking up the kids from the in laws and ferrying them to various activities over the weekend, the very last thing we need to be fussing with our make up.

Very few of us are blessed with flawless complexion, barely there pores and taut skin. Meaning, the vast majority of us have a blemish, a scar and a line or two that we pray in all honesty, each night, would disappear, but as we layer on the cream, primer, foundations and powders while keeping an eye on the time. We wonder :
Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if there were only one product, that could do it all??

Sounding a little too far fetched? Glady, not anymore. From foundation with vitamins to three in one face eye and lips tints and even lip glosses that help cut inches from your waist make up has never been moore efficient..
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