COLLECTION Kim Kardashian Watches

Kim Kardashian luxury watch
Kim Kardashian, the name is associated with worldwide image of upscale, posh and extraordinarily fashionable. The Brissmor Company has recently signed a contract with her for putting her signature on verities of collection of watches which are designed beautifully and carries a luxurious image and at an incredibly low affordable price.

Kim Kardashian watches
All the watches made by Brissmor Company with traditional gold, white gold, rose gold stainless steel, diamonds free from conflict, Swarovski Crystals, mother of pearl, genuine leather and other materials with high quality. All sorts of Brissmor watches also contain Japanese and Swiss movement. The Brissmor Company first started its operation in the year 2008 and is situated in Beverly Hills, California having its offices in Bahamas. After remaining engages for two to three years in the matter of market research and a thorough search for valuable materials by the team of well versed and experienced team of the company, it is well poised to start the inaugural program of celebrity signature luxury collection of watches in 2011.
Kim Kardashian watch
With the inauguration of the new book titled “Kardashian Konfidential”, Ms. Kardashian has again come back in the headlines and it is the reason for Kim to start the program of watch collection to re-establish the domination of her family. The TV Star of reality show, aged thirty, appeared in her website to publish latest appliances to uphold her style and reputation. She exclaimed “Hi Dolls” my new venture was in confinement but now it is eventually ready to unfold. I am really very excited and charmed to present you my latest watch line with signature.” She addressed.
Kim Kardashian watch collection
Kim signed a contract with the Officials of Brissmor Company to outline the prospect of verities of watch lines to arrange for giving it a place to every wrist along with adorned version of binged-out diamond, and also roman numerals embossed inside. Kim’s new collection of time-telling is being launched on the close of her jewellery line for white and Babe. More details are still to be uncovered and when one get the watch, however ticking of the watch is going on. Everyone will wait for her to forecast that memorable event and look forward the new shape of things to be released by her for once again giving a total surprise. After all she is Kim Kardashian and name itself means a lot, and is known to everyone who is interested in the matter of watch.
Kim Kardashian Brissmor watches
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