Cristian Dior Fall Winter 2010 - 2011

Oversized blouses, jackets and jumpsuits will rule during the Fall Winter 2010 - 2011season. Christian Dior presented a romantic, classic and feminine collection with a subtle color palette consisting mainly of browns, blacks, greys and pastels.

Over the knee boots and socks will make their comeback and Christian Dior presents a wonderful collection of booties. Over the knee socks paired with laced ankle socks in combination with flirty skirts and dresses announces a sexy but classy Fall Winter. By using sheer fabrics Dior proves there's no need to cover yourself during the cold season.

Silhouettes inspired by the horse rider uniform make there entrance and demonstrate a classic fashion style. By adding cropped trousers combined with ankle boots and socks the collection adds a fashion twist to a timeless look.

Feminine details rule in the form of rushes, crochet details, off the shoulder sweaters and short and long dresses. Styled with panty hoses, over the knee socks or boots Dior proves that dresses still have their place during the cold season.

To finish the Fall Winter 2010 look Dior increased the collection with some statement necklaces and earrings. Hats or a must so you'll find several types in the Dior collection as well.
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