Get the Nail Look: Beyonce's Nailpolish on "Why don't You Love Me"

Beyonce created a true beauty buzz with her latest music video "Why Don't You Love Me". What nailpolish is Beyonce wearing?

This beautiful green shade has been creating quite a buzz among celebs for a while. This subtle jade color is classy and adds a subtle touch of color to every trendy outfit. Although the original nailpolish is from Chanel (Chanel Nouvelle Vague Nail Polish) I have the perfect alternative for you ;-)

Herome recently launched the 'World Inspired Colours' line with each color carrying the name of a city. The color 'New Delhi' has the exact same green shade as the one that Beyonce is wearing in her music video and the many celebs who have been spotted with this catchy nail colour. Herome stands for quality and as a true nailpolish junkie I can tell you that Herome, Koh, OPI and Models Own nailpolishes so far have been the only brands who last at least for a week on my nails!


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