Spring 2011 Runway: Chanel Shoes

I’ve been trying to find a way to comment diplomatically about the shoes and  fashions at the SS2011 Chanel show but  find that words fail me. I am trying very hard to politely express my disappointment in both the shoes and fashion that were shown.
First, the shoes:

(Article photos via Style.com; collages are arranged by Shoeblog.)
The middle wedged sandal is okay, but not something that makes me gasp out loud or swear off food & toilet paper for a month to maneuver it into my possession. The boots are also okay but are not really showing us anything new. Plus, how many of us can find something to wear with a unique  (bouclé?)  fabric boot (bottom left)?
And the sandals? I am incredibly *not feeling* these chunky, chopine-quasi-wedge platforms (top & middle row).  When it’s done right, chunky heels can be elegant simplicity, youthfully fun, or even sweetly retro-referencing; these bizarre sandals are just sad-making. I tried to find something positive to say about them, but I’m too busy recoiling in horror and falling into a terrified fugue to do so.
Now, on to the clothes. I was simply not impressed compared to my usual reactions to offerings from Chanel.  Chanel, to me, has always held a timeless appeal and glamour. This show seems to be grasping for the youthful buyer at the possible risk of losing that sense of  elegant timelessness. I understand the desire & need of a fashion house to appeal to and stay relevant with successive generations of buyers. But the Chanel woman is classic, tailored, and elegant. She epitomizes effortless style rather than trendiness. So, the abundance of deconstructed fabrics and strangely ill-fitting styles on this runway took me by surprise.

And, those  hot-pants bouclé suits?!!  Yee gods…. I say, “No!”  While they inject an interesting 1970′s reference on the runway – as a style these are generally so unflattering to non-model women as to be worthy of staying in the trash-heap of fashion history indefinitely rather than being revived by any fashion house, ever. (Even if that black suit does look smokin’ on the runway model.)
Yes,  the jackets on the hot-suits are gorgeous, but please, let’s dial back on the cooch-flashing outfits. They’re  just silly and unflattering.
Luckily, there were looks here and there that managed that difficult balancing act of feeling current while still being recognizably Chanel. Here are a few that seem to succeed in being wholly Chanel yet also modern in sensibility:
As always, your mileage may vary.
Whoops, looks like I found my words after all
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