Trend Fashion To Try In 2011

 An Over Size Sweater
Go for a neutral color for maximum closet longevity—layer over something hooded for weekend coziness.
A pleated Skirt
Pair a girlier one with sexy-on-top stuff for an edgier vibe.
A Fringed Bag
You’ll see them everywhere, at all price points: easy, over-the-shoulder and big enough to cart around your life!
 Track Pants
Just make sure the fit is slim and that there’s one special detail (we love that these are leather). With preppy flats and a cute blouse, they’re a fresh DO

Major Volume
Could be your hair, your skirt or both. What you’re going for here is drama. And BTW, the anorak and flat-forms (our name for these shoes) are very on-trend.
Color Blocked
Use color as a way to jazz up the more tailored pieces in your wardrobe, like this shirtdress.

The Great White Shirt
A sleeveless style with a boxy fit feels 100 percent new. Layer it up until it’s warm out. 
 Wider Legs Jeans
f you want to get a jump start on spring’s biggest blues shape, here it is: the fuller-flare, seventies-inspired, not quite bell-bottom jean. Love that!

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