Sleek Winter Fashion Trends for 2011

With the start of the new year, international fashion is at its high season with most designers showcasing their Spring 2011 collections.
    Lucky for me, I was able to see the start of the fashion new year in another part of the world with a trip to the Middle East.
When traveling to Dubai for winter break, little did I realize that I was about to enter the Mecca of the fashion world: the Dubai Mall.
    The mall, which is currently the biggest mall in the world area wise, was a lot to take in initially. With over 1,200 stores, I was in fashion heaven.
Floor upon floor of high fashion designers stared glamorously at me, as if they were coaxing me in with their glittering storefronts. Needless to say, I am already planning my next visit, as two hours only got me through half of the first floor.
International fashion is no longer a perk for ritzy residents of big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.
    Slowly, even smaller cities like Lexington have been seeing a shift into foreign fashion.
Being back at Dunbar, inspiration taken from international high fashion could be seen. Both girls and guys donned European inspired ensembles, with bulky scarves, dark coats, and dark jeans.
    For many who aren’t familiar with international fashion, trends can be rather confusing to follow. International fashion is sleek, chic and unique. It is ever changing, but maintains a classy consistency. This year, boots are the hot item topping the lists of shoppers around the world.
    Worldwide, shoe shops are exclusively selling boots, and leaving the heels in storage. UGGs have had their time in the spotlight, but other styles are giving this decade-long fashion faux pas the “boot.” Black, brown, and beige colored saddle boots, leather boots, and lace-ups are among the emerging styles in footwear.
    A quality pair will cost you a good $120, with $70 being on the low end and $200 on an excellent pair, and if you’re lucky, you can find a pair on clearance for around $50. Macy’s carries a decent stock with brands such as Bass, Steve Madden and Cole Haan. and Aldo also offer boots of many styles, and prices that can fit any budget.
As for clothing, solid colors, trench coats, minimalist sweaters and garments embellished with studs are among the most widely seen styles worn internationally and State-side. Stores most commonly offering semi-professional clothing such as New York and Company, Express and GAP, and even stores like Target, offer the best collections and options for such styles.
    Faux shearling jackets, blanket coats, and Alpine sweaters are also popular and can be found locally at department stores and chains.
As for the gentlemen out there, men still seem to stick more to personal taste rather than trends in comparison to women, but men are also transitioning into a more fashion forward mindset.
    Minimalist-inspired ensembles including long trench coats, crisp trousers, simple sweaters and modernized Oxfords are widely popular among young men today.
Stores like Banana Republic and GAP offer great selections of these sleek and modern styles.
    If stepping into a new style is too bold a move, adding foreign flair to original style is a great way to shake things up or slowly transition into a whole new look.
    This year, many fashion watchdogs are sensing an exciting year for fashion.
Paying a bit more attention to international fashion may do you some favors, but staying true to your own style and fashion needs is always important when choosing the right wardrobe.
    Best of luck, and for now, au revoir.
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