In the news: Will Blake be at the Chanel show?

The rumour mill and Blake Lively can’t be kept apart, with the latest coincidence suggesting that the face of Mademoiselle handbags will NOT be appearing front row atChanel’s Autumn/Winter 2011 show at Paris Fashion Week.
Apparently Blakely finds celebrities on the front row ‘tacky’ now; a real about-turn from her appearance alongside Anna Wintour at the last Couture show, and instead she will host a Press dinner in Paris to discuss her new role facing the handbag range.
Past ambassadors, like Lily Allen (who got spectacularly hands-on with that barn dance show), have had no qualm about sitting upfront. And at least as face of a product there’s an actual link- no one seeing Blake at Chanel would be surprised or disgruntled to see her, surely. Still, it’s only a rumour.

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