Kim Kardashian’s Song Released, World Weeps

The Kardashians managed to make 65 million dollars last year. Again, proving my theory that people are madly in love with trash, in whatever form it takes.
What have they managed to do with that money? Open fashion boutiques, pose in magazines, and not much else.. Kim Kardashian has decided to drive this point home by releasing her first single, ‘Jam’, on air with Ryan Seacrest on KIS-FM, and it’s everything that you can expect from a Kim Kardashian song – she sounds like she’s perpetually trapped in the headspace of a bored 14 year-old. The sonic equivalent of klonopin. It makes me want to ‘Jam’…something into my eyes. She looks boring during sextapes, whilst taping commercials for Carl’s Jr., and now while singing. She’s only good at standing around and looking bored and pretty in magazines. Seriously, can we just pump her up to an overexposed threshold and skip straight into the downward spiral? And can we say we’ve filled the quota on telling DJ’s to turn things up?
The song lyrics? Basically celebrate getting paid. Kim Kardashian is a creature constituted of pure fame. They don’t exist long in the wild – they’re like thylacines.
And this is what they’ll be leaving behind. Enjoy.
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