Lacey Trends in Outerwear and Plus Size Lingerie in 2011

March 18th 2011

2011 Plus Size Lingerie Trends
2011 Plus Size Lingerie Trends
It’s still early in 2011, but like the gentle delicacy of spring, we are seeing dainty, elegant lace taking center stage in the plus size fashion world. Lace is beautiful, ornate and versatile – it can make us feel innocent and sweet, or sophisticated and sumptuous. Lace is comfortable as the chill of winter dissipates and it allows the warm spring breezes to caress the skin.
Lace represents classic femininity; women have been adorning themselves with it for hundreds of years. Lace gives us a nostalgic, comforting feeling and reminds us of simpler and more romantic times. That doesn’t mean that lace is old fashioned though: Modern trends in lacey clothing designs this year include using lace as the centerpiece for a garment, instead of relegating it to trim.
2011 Plus Size Lingerie Collection: 2011 Plus Size Lingerie Collection
Lace is a gorgeous fabric, and it deserves to be displayed in all its beauty. We are seeing long skirts and dresses covered in exquisitely patterned lace as well as long-sleeved shirts made of lace. Some of these garments are backed by opaque material; others are more revealing of what is beneath. You can wear a slip, tank top or dress underneath your lace garments – or you can be bold and daring and go with a plus size slimming corset or other elegant undergarments. Either way, lace can emphasize and embellish your natural curves. It is a great way to layer for the changing climate of the spring months.
Lace isn’t just taking hold in the world of outer-wear either. Lace remains popular in lingerie as ever. While lace has always been a classic mainstay, expect to see even more lace undergarments as we proceed into 2011. We are seeing luxurious stretch lace corsets and also lace baby dollsand lace chemises similar to the full lace tops and dresses which are becoming so popular as outerwear. Lace still makes for sexy bra and panties sets. Lace also is popular in sleepwear and makes for a gorgeous plus size robe.
One great thing about lace is that it will never go out of style, but this year it is definitely in style. Being definitively feminine, lace is particularly suited for emphasizing your own unique femininity as a plus size woman. The patterns of lace both conceal skin and reveal it, teasing and hinting at the beauty underneath while never giving too much away. This trend goes as much for outer wear this year as it does for bbw lingerie!
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