Redefining Indian fashion

BRILLIANT: A stunning piece by Delhi-based fashion designer Preeti Kapoor.

Countries that tend to be heavily cultural or religious always retain a certain “Really?! Wow!” factor when it comes to fashion. With the exception of royalty, it’s almost as if we believe their ability and desire to be fashionably expressive to be revoked, or that they have not been divinely inspired to create beautiful garments. Lakmé, the No.1 cosmetics and beauty brand in India and IMG Fashion have joined together to dispel those myths, one fashion show at a time, bringing together established and emerging accessory and clothing designers for Lakmé Fashion Week (LFW). The vision is to “Redefine the future of fashion and Integrate India into the global fashion world,” and they are certainly looking “success” in the face.

LFW Summer / Resort 2011 was held at the Hotel Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, India from March 11 to March 15, and featured a number of designers who had every woman in mind as they created. The week provided something for the religious devotee to the culturally rebel, the party goer and the social sophisticate.  Take a look at a few of the stand-out pieces from designers that you should get to know.
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