The 5 Craziest Fashion Things We Saw This Week

Were you aware that there's jewelry made out of re-purposed cat hair, a heel seemingly inspired by IKEA and a sequin dress in the shape of a toilet. Yeah, us neither--at least not until this week:


1. Hairball jewelry
If you're strangely sentimental about your cat's hairballs, here's an idea: Turn them into jewelry. These ladies did.

2. Wearable sequin art
Fine art-lovers and sequin-lovers alike, you'll want to take notice of The Rodnik Band's latest collection: It's quite the work of art unto itself. Yes, Duchamp toilet included.

3. Orly Genger installation at the VPL boutique
And speaking of art, you'll want to take a peek at this installation that happened at VPL's New York boutique. VPL undies + live models + a lot of rope = a sight to be seen, certainly.

4. Shoes with a built-in survival tool
Never get into that awful situation again—you know, the one where you get stuck in the woods and wish you'd brought along your survival tool? Yep, that one. Archport shoes now has one built into the sole.

5. United Nude's flat pack shoe
Next time you head into outer space, you've got no reason not to look fab: United Nude has created a flat pack shoe designed specifically for the extreme conditions in space. Think of it as the IKEA of shoes.

Your turn to tell us which of these finds is your favorite, ladies, so get a-votin'!

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