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John Galliano can be named as one of the most authoritative fashion designers of our time. John was born in Gibraltar in 1960, but he spent his childhood in London and has both his own label and is a chief designer of France’s haute couture flagship, Christian Dior, in Paris. Galliano is a provocateur, he is an inventor and a creator. His fashion shows are going everywhere, sometimes, I think, there is no place in the world, which Galliano can’t choose for his catwalk (let’s just remember the OpĂ©ra Garnier in Paris ).

John Galliano Haute Couture

So, small biographical data: John Galliano was in Juan Carlos in 1960 (it is in Gibraltar). Galliano has 2 sisters, named: Rosemary and Immacula. His 1st school was in Spain (because his mother is Spanish, namely from this country started his love to bright colours and various combinations of fabrics). After Spain Galliano’s family moved to London and afterwards to Dulwich (it is still their family nest). John was a very bad, naughty, ill-behaviored pupil of the Wilson’s Grammar School for Boys. Interesting peculiarity of his family: every child used to be worn perfectly (even while going for a 5-minutes-walk). Home atmosphere was a little bit reserved, so, when Galliano moved back to London to study design at East London College he understood, that this ambience of full carelessness and independence is exactly for him, so it was a beginning of his rising as a future well-known fashion designer. Galliano worked hard and it was a good work.

John Galliano suit John Galliano Fashion

Already 1st collection of Galliano made a revolution in the world of Fashion. The collection was a completely romantic one, with dresses, huge accessories, organdie shirts etc. He showed it to Joan Burstein (a trader) and she was astonished with his clothes, so unusual, vivid and bold they were. Afterwards, came the period of difficulties and Galliano had to change his place of living: London for Paris and it worked! Good luck has smiled to Galliano! He met Anna Wintour ( editor-in-chief of American Vogue magazine). She helped him greatly in organization of his 1st show and further promotion. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington were his models, but more because of friendship with Anna. But he didn’t betray her and his show was of great success!

John Galliano style Galliano Dress code

John Galliano itself

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