Lady Gaga Has Run Out Of Crazy Style Ideas

OK, we know what you’re thinking: “Oh great, here’s another one of those Lady Gaga Crazy Outfit Posts. We get it, she wears weird stuff. Isn’t there any real news to write about today?” But you see, that’s where you’re very wrong. This is news. Big news. It appears that after her tyrannical two-and-a-half-year reign over insane fashion, Lady Gaga has finally run out of ideas.

Sure, when we saw these pix of Momma Monster stepping out in London last night, we were certain our minds would be flung to the furthest reaches of fashion. But something about it seemed familiar. We’ve seen this before! Then we remembered: she wore almost the same thing when she made her surprise appearance at the Oak Room last year! It looks like she dyed it black, did the same with her hair hat from last summer’s Monster Ball, and hit the streets. And we’re kinda stunned. Maybe that’s her whole game … she hasn’t done “familiarity” yet. Well played, Gaga, but we’re on to you! Check out more in the gallery below and see what we mean.

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