Why most girls hate wearing pantyhose

For some, wearing pantyhose can be as unpleasant as getting a filling. They’re tight, they itch, and they’re a real hassle to get on and off. On last week’s episode of Dexter, a less-than-refined Debra Morgan wonders if anyone has ever died from “crotch asphyxiation.” Although we’re certain that no one has—yet—we can definitely relate. But with the temps drop, drop, dropping, we’ve come to realize that our beloved leg-baring days are nearly over. So when, exactly, are we expected to officially bust out the nylons? When it reaches 5 C? –3 C? Once the snow falls?

“I used to go to an all-girls private school in Winnipeg and during winter, pantyhose were mandatory,” says Toronto-based designer Lara Vincent, who’s known for her year-round leggy look and sprightly floral crowns. No longer under the supervision of a headmistress, Vincent has vowed to never again wear pantyhose—even on the coldest day of the year. “I hate feeling restricted! I wear dresses to be comfortable,” she says. “Why would I jeopardize that comfort by wearing stockings?”

But what if pantyhose were actually comfortable? What if they didn’t chafe, run, ride up, or render us numb from the waist down? Hosiery designers have taken stock of this anti-stocking movement and have come up with a solution: pantyhose that DON’T suck.

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