Are you feeling the Prada?

Normally when people ask me what type of handbag is totally safe to buy this season, other than the general 'it-bags' (which really aren't that safe but your wardrobe will love you for), I would usually recommend an edgier and more unique version of a traditional classic. Think a pink Chanel quilted 2.55 re-issue or a Louis Vuitton Alma MM bag in a shocking red vernis; something of that sort anyway. This time however, I have found a fabulous brand which is doing exceptionally well with iconic handbags and I am loving every second of it all. One word. Prada. How fabulous is Prada's new collection of handbags? I love it. Just love it. There are enough styles to suit absolutely everyone and I have already started my collection. Forget about the Limited edition Prada Fairy bag and get one of these modernised classic styles instead. You will love every moment of it. This has led me to ask...are you feeling the Prada?

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