Just one of those days

Do you ever have those days or nights where you are invited to a fabulous party or social event and the only reason you truly don’t want to go is just to save yourself the trouble of splashing out a few hundred (or thousand!) dollars on some fabulous designer dress which you pretty much wont wear anytime after this social event? Call it cold feet or whatever you want because I totally sent a RSVP to this UK magazine’s social networking party and right now, I just cannot be bothered to go out and buy something pretty and sparkly and red to wear as the whole concept of dressing up is just really getting to me. Perhaps it is the weather which is dreadful and miserable leaving no room for any fashion risk taking (of the good-standout variety) but rather we huddle together in packs (they say “safety in numbers”) or if the room is lovely and warm, we dread the moment it is time to leave and walk into the bleak shadows of cold. So I have figured what I want to wear which will exemplify that sense of sophistication and thankfully enough, it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg for an outfit which can be re-worn together or separately at anything else that follows. Sure black is usually quite a no-show at parties, well; that is if you really want to stand out and usually it is perceived as quite a sombre colour (for a one-colour ensemble). I think I will bask in my fashion glory at the moment and fingers crossed that my cigarette black cropped pants by Dolce and Gabbana will arrive safety to my office and the vintage black beaded top I have hiding (after months of black being a no-show) will decide to peep out and shine tonight.

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