Love it or hate it

Beauty knows no pain.

One look or shall I say; one pair of shoes which I cannot wait to try out would have to be the treacherous (yes, I call it treacherous) Gladiator sandal. I don't know why but these flats are perhaps the new 'it' shoe of Spring/Summer and I just bought a fabulously rare Woodstock printed bohemian dress which would look just fabulous with these over-the-top shoes. I don't even mean the nice little ones which sort of end at the ankle. I mean the whoa-dude-where-has-your-leg-gone style which straps all the way up the lower thigh. Sounds pretty nasty. It channels Balenciaga's 'it' shoe a few seasons ago and already there are tween-celebrity fans. I have to say does look quite painful. Maybe I should just stick to Carine Roifeld's abbreviated version?And another observation I made on the thigh high ones...beware of strange tan lines.

Written by Lisa Chau. Images courtesy of,

Love it or hate it.

celebrity photo gallery main image - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spend another afternoon shopping in sunny Los Angeles.
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