patent leather heeled boots

Yay or Nay: Patent leather heeled boots.

So, okay I totally understand that these days, it is raining cats and dogs and quite intensely, if I may add however I'm noticing a lot of Patent leather heeled boots and I’m not too sure if I personally like the trend myself. It’s a bit too much like a pair of rain boots, made slimmer, higher and with heels. I can’t see myself wear them and prance around happily and think ‘I look fabulous’. I personally find the look a little frumpy and rather cheap. I spotted a pair in the city just recently on sale from $480 reduced to about $120 and it seriously lookewd like cheap plastic moulded into the shape of a boot. Not really a good sign I think. The best way for me to sum it is would be perhaps...‘a fashionable Mutton dressed as wannabe-lamb'. What do you think?

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