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Top ten countdown of fashion wardrobe classics.

10. A gorgeous patterned scarf/the perfect leather belt: This is more of a neccessity than a wardrobe classic. Without this in your closet, how do you expect the other articles of clothing to function? Alone? I think not. Scarves and belts do to your clothing what a nice hairstyle and some makeup can do to your face so it is a definite must-have in terms of basic accesorising with comfort.

9. A pair of perfect fitting jeans in your favourite cut style: This should just have a mutual understanding already. Whether it be Rock and Republic, Seven for all Mankind, Bettina Liano, Tsubi or whatever; I personally say that if the jeans fit, your bum looks fabulous (as it always does) and you can wear it comfortably, it is an absolute wardrobe must. I find that it is usually random when a pair of jeans fit perfectly, you should buy them when you can as they say that when you are out looking for them, you never can find them so if they fit, it is not just fate, it is a sign to buy, buy, buy.

8. A crisp white shirt: Absolute wardrobe classic as it can take you from night to day and look fabulous casually with a pair of Rock and Republic jeans and Miu Miu flats or slightly more dressed up with a pair of black cigarette leg Balenciaga pants and a pair of Manolo Blahniks accompanied with a Prada handbag. You can wear the shirt underneath a Matthew Williamson vest or under a suit jacket for the perfect tuxedo dressing.

7. A floral dress: Keep it A-line or shift, fabulous and feminine with bold floral prints to give your Spring/Summer looks a classic oomph. Try gorgeous shades of teals and pastels for that unique touch on a feminine classic. Wear it gorgeously with a pair of bowed peep toe Jimmy Choo heels or give the look some edge with some Alexander McQueen studded sandals. Don't overdo the look with an unneccesary but oh-so-tempting camillia in the hair.

6. A pair of fashionable flats/boots: After heels, flats and boots are such a comfort must have. I always like going for quirky yet classic style flat shoes in unusual textures such as sequins or patent leather whereas with my boots, I generally check the front of the shoe and opt for my personal round toe favourite in either a classic shade or a more outrageous colour. Comfort is crucial in these shoes as looking good is one thing but extra kudos for looking good and staying comfortable.

6. A tailored coat: A tailored winter coat is such a classic for the coldest of cold days. I'd do a coat by Burberry for that effortless style and the classic connotations assosciated with trench coats by that brand. Wear it in gorgeous shades of neutral beige, white or black for that chic style with a pair of fitted jeans or black pants or my favourite, with a dress. You can pile on the look with many accesories or keep it simple and sophisticated with none.

5. The perfect black pants and fitted jacket: Looking fabulous when worn separately or together, fitted garments make perfect pieces to dress looks up or down with. The perfect black pants and the perfect fitted jacket can make you look as if you have gone a size or two down due to the sophisticated nature of the clothing and can be played around with in order to create your own individual fashion looks with these basic pieces. Power dressing at it's best.

4. A bohemian/gypsy dress: Lash out you inner bohemian with a gypsy dress feautring detailed patterned fabrics and gorgeous exotic shades which make the look worthy of Spain or Brazil. Focus on gorgeous detail, stitching, colour and fitting for the perfect floaty maxi dress or keep in mini and simple in style with exaggerated accesories to recognise the look of a free spirit. Accompany with a pair of chunky McQueen platform heels or a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled flat shoes for that ultimate exotic chic.

3. Costume jewellery: Costume jewellery is equivalent to the next big diamond which lands on your finger. Overdo it in a fabulous way through the use of exaggerated and excessive embellishments on the one piece as opposed to fifty million simple pieces placed one on top of the other. Go over the top with pearls, diamonds, crystal, gold and beading for that gorgeous excessive appeal which is just as intimidating if not more, than the perfect diamond ring.

2. The Ultimate designer handbag: Classics or trend pieces, it doesn't matter as long as you love it. Try unique colours such as fuschia, mauves, or teal to contrast wonderfully to a neutral closet or keep the colours simple to add that extra something special to trend based styles. Splurge only if you love it and only if it looks fabulous with your ow unique fashion style in order to make the perfect statement which can define your look from drab to fabulous.

1. A pair of outrageous designer heels: Whether it be the ultimate pair of biting Christian Louboutins in the shade of classic black with some powerful killer heels or whether it be naturally dramatic Alexander McQueen, the choices are limitless. They say that you can find a lot about a woman by the bag she carries, but I personally believe that nothing defines a woman more by the shoes she is wearing.

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