Tea party madness.

For those who know and are coming to the Exclusive Le Black Book and The Iconic Fashion Blog tea party, I was wondering if something has occurred to you, something so very important which will either make or break your day, something like what to wear perhaps? Ha. Got you there.

Nothing really defines a tea party other than the typical pretty Carolina Herrera A-line skirt, Marc Jacobs blouse with a pair of dainty pink Manolos or perhaps, you could take tea party to a new level thinking along the lines of Alice in Wonderland and perhaps the Mad Hatter’s tea party complete with incredible headwear and lots of tea. As I do with all special fashion events, I tend to ponder over what to wear in order to make a good impression and just so that on the day of the event, I am not rushing through my wardrobe trying to piece together piece A with piece B and then realising to myself “Where the hell is piece C?!”. I mean, really…it all comes down to preparation. I suppose that what I am trying to say is that maybe you don’t yet know what to wear…maybe I should compose something special to give you a heads up and some inspiration so you can also look very fabulous and effortlessly so.

For dresses, I know that I shall personally be investing a gorgeous lace and tulle number. I absolutely love this theme (“A fashionable Tea party”) because there is no absolute defining boundary in which you have to dress according to. I have picked a few different styles of dress which all fit the theme however they are all different thus you may find one which you like and then work with it in order to produce your own individual look. First up, I have chosen Thurley Baroque lace front dress as the gorgeous white cream shades and the detail on the bodice is enough to make a dainty impression. I would wear it with gold Jimmy Choo’s and gold bangles to oomph up the look subtly but enough to make a statement. Next I have chosen the Oscar De La Renta Ikat bubble dress. The traditional party dress style, this Oscar De La Renta piece is really sweet with the whimsical polka dots in the fabulous colours which modernize a classic party favourite. You should keep jewellery subtle and finish off the look with a pair of Bally wooden heels.

Miu Miu floral appliqué dress is such a gorgeous dress. It is simple enough but has that very daintily romantic appeal which I just adore. I love the dropped waistline and the beautiful little floral details which are seen on the bodice. Pair up the look with some pastel tones and some extra Chanel. The Fendi tulle prom dress is just a stunner for the more ostentatious dresser. It is subtle but dramatic with the extravagant tulle which protrudes from the hemlines of the garment. The gorgeous yellow colours are very summery and balance the dramatic effect. I’d wear it with a pair of Miu Miu ribbon heels to keep the look pretty and feminine.

Heels should be beautiful but comfortably so. For lovers of flat shoes, may I suggest the Giuseppe Zanotti jewelled appliqué flats as these gorgeous little shoes have fabulous metallic leather with a colourful diamante feature on the tips of the toes for elegance and a sense of luxury. Kitten heels are so very sweet for a good tea party with enough height for that oomph appeal but added comfort as well. Louboutin pink Kita t-bar heels are really gorgeous and such classic heels which would look well with a party dress. The Pedro Garcia Dannie Satin Pumps are such beautiful heels with very whimsically romantic features shown through the worn satin fabric in the classic peep-toe style.

With all that said, it is one thing for me to wish for you to dress up and look beautiful with pretty tea-party attired but it is a completely other thing for me to want you to just rock up, buy some pretty designer dresses to add to your wardrobe collection but most importantly, just have a blast…of tea, of course.

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