Want right now

I have to admit that I am probably one of the least organised people in this world. No matter how many things I write down, I always seem to just forget those smaller things which make all the difference. This is why I have figured that instead of writing all my notes and my to-do list in plain notebooks which I have lying all around the place, I will instead be saving up for a totally luxe Louis Vuitton Agenda. Sure it costs a tad more than my cheap notebooks put together but I know that because it is so fabulously luxurious; I am sure I won't leave it lying around all over the place and I know that I will also have a tendency to write a lot in it because I tend to judge a book by its cover and if the cover is fabulous, I am positive that everything I write in there will be just as fabulous, if not more. I mean, it is Louis Vuitton afterall.

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