Pudsey hand puppet

The equipment needed to make the hand puppet
To make a Pudsey hand puppet you will need some yellow felt, some white cotton material, a pen or pencil, scissors, non-toxic fabric glue, one small black pom-pom and some fabric paints or fabric pens.

Cutting the yellow felt

With the yellow felt at double thickness, draw and then cut out a Pudsey bear shape, with the bottom bit wider that your wrist. This is where you'll put your hand up!

Cutting out white material

Now cut out a long lemon shape from white material, approximately 3cm wide, and 8cm long. This will be Pudsey's bandage.

Putting glue on Pudsey's nose

Put some glue on the pom-pom nose and push it down on to the front of Pudsey's face

Colouring in the white material

With some paper or scrap material underneath, draw in some coloured spots on the white material. When you've done this, put some glue on the back of it.

Putting glue on Pudsey

Put a fine line of fabric glue around the outside of the cut-out. Leave a 2mm gap between the glue and the edge.

Pushing the two piece of Pudsey together

Gently pat the two pieces together to help the glue set, and hold the two pieces together.

Attaching the bandage to Pudsey

Stick Pudsey's bandage down, you may need to bend the material around the back to make it fit properly.

Drawing a smile on to Pudsey's face

Now draw on Pudsey's eye, eye brow, and mouth just under his pom-pom nose.

Pudsey hand puppet is complete

Ta-da! Your Pudsey hand puppet is made. Now you just need to leave it to dry. BBC Tees will be at the Children in Need event in Hartlepool, we'll be making hand puppets from 6pm, so why not come and join us?

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